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Apologies for Tippling [graphic] / Woodward del Wm. Charles Sculp.

Jeff. Davis in prison. [graphic].

Offering a substitute. A scene in the office of the provost marshall [graphic].

Magna Britannia, her colonies reduc'd. [graphic].

The Confederacy in petticoats [graphic].

Banks & bribery, v.s. balls & bumbs scene 1st [graphic] : Or the destruction of aristocracy monopoly and oppression / From a splendid picter, draw'd for the Jineral by Zek Downing, historical painter to Uncle Jack & Jineral Jackson.

Old Nick in Wall Street [graphic].

The Declaration of Independence illustrated. [graphic] / Fabronius; Designed by R. Thayer; L. Prang & Co. Lith, Boston.

The precarious situation. [graphic]