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A Careless Driver.

A Chambermaid!

A Chattering Magpie.


Come, stand erect.

You drink so

You looking for

You looking for

You nasty, drunken,

You, no doubt,

You, no doubt,

You poor pen

You queer looking

A Bear, what

A Bear, what

The Conceited Woman

A Counter-Jumper

A Country Store Keeper

Crack 'Em.

Dear mam you're ugly

Dear sir, having

Deserted old damsel,

Dirty, ugly, vulgar,

A Dirty Whelp!

Dost think to win

A Dough-head.

Einer Durchschauten.

A Dutchman.

Emptyheaded and Lazy

Emptyheaded and Lazy

A Farmer.


A Jumping-Jack

Just A Little Flattered

Kissed the Minister

Leering, drunken, dissipated

Like the Lamp

Look Dandy, pray

A Loud Working-Girl

A Machinist

Man Crossed in Love

Man with Elk Horns

Man with Pipe

Married for Money

A Mischief Maker.

Miss Bonnet-builder

My First Cigar.

Now I'm Sure

Now My Jolly Sailor

Of Dandizetts You're Sure