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I declare I am

I do not wish

I know my girl

I Love a Man

I send you

I vow to me

If My Passion

If My Passion

If My Passion

If My Passion

Ill looking, ill conditioned

Innocent A MEWS MEANT.

It's evident

It's Time You Were Married.

The Old Bachelor.

Old Coachee, mounted

One of the Codfish

Original, Should Be

Original, Should Be

Poor Addle Headed

Poor Widow Wooding

The Poulterer Surely

Pray Tell Me


Propriety Personified.

Pug-nosed Smoking Boy

Read This My Good


School Master.

A Sheep.

The Shirk.

Shop Girl's Sunday

The Sight of a Boddice

A Sight to Make

Since You've Had Children

Sleepy Looking Harness Maker.

Soft Headed Self

Stable Keeper

Stands ther Poulterer

Taking Out the Pledge

Talking Churchwomen.


There You Are

Thick Finger’d Fumbler

This Valentine to You

Tho’ in butter

Tho’ you are Porter

Thou languishing young lady bird

‘Tis all in vain

‘Tis by your Music