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Back cover

[Centennial Exhibition raffle trade cards advertising the New American sewing machine manufactured by American B.H.O. (Button Hole Overseaming) Machine Co., 1318 Chestnut St., Philadelpia, Pa.]

Centennial pocket album.

Centre Square Water Works postcards.

Charles Corless, Glen Riddle, Pa. The best cow milker in the world.

Chasseurs et chevaux, Amerique du Sud.

Christ Church postcards.

Christlicher Haus-Segen, nebst der Zwölf Stunden-Gedächtniss.

Christlicher Stundenweiser.

Church of "Saint John Chrysostom", Philadelphia, Pa.

Church of the Advocate postcards.

Church of the Saviour, 38th & Chestnut Sts., Philadelphia, Pa.

Clover Banquet Room, Bellevue Stratford Hotel, Philadelphia.

[Collecting cards depicting Centennial Exhibition buildings]

[Collection of designs for letters and monograms, by J.M. Bergling.]

[Collection of samples of raised-letter line types for printing for the blind.]

Compliments of Krell=French Piano Co. High grade piano makers, New Castle, Ind.

Compliments of Lehman & Bolton, lithographers, printers, publishers. 715, 171, 719 Arch Street. Philadelphia.

Concord School House postcards.