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"Laurel Hill," Dr. Physic's residence. Fairmount Park. Built 1765.

Concord School House. Built 1775.

Doorway to Johnson House, Main & Washington Ln.


Thos. Livezey House on Wissahickon.

Morris-Littel House, S. east cor. Main & High St.

Old houses, N. side of Locust near 5th St.

E. Park Drive where Wissahickon Drive enters.

Among the Berkshire Hills.

Johnson House, Main & Johnson Sts. Oldest house in Germantown. Built in 1698 by Heivert Papen. Passed into Johnson family early in the 18th century. Demolished in 1883

Doorway of Wister House, Vernon Park.

Blair House, 6043 Main St. First 3 story house, 1775. In 1851 owned by Charlotte Cushman the actress.

Pencoyd Iron Works, opposite mouth of Wissahickon.

Smith House. Main St. abv. High. DPS 1748 on gabel.

Canal near Bridgeport below Norristown, Pa.

Washington Inn, Washtn. Lane & Main St., known as Washington Tavern, 1793.

5845 Main St. Standing at time of Revolution.

6019 Main St. Old Green Tree Tavern, once kept by Daniel & Sarah Pastorius until his death in 1754. Shows also 6021 & 23.

Mennonite Meeting, Main St.

Triumphal Arch. Peace Jubilee. Oct. 1898.

"Springbank," Wissahickon Ave. Built by Wm. Rittenhouse 1736, afterwards home of John Welsh.

Chew House, Germantown, Pa.

On the Wissahickon, just above Kitchen's Lane, where the Dunkards baptized in 1719.

5203-5205 Main St. Home of Dr. Theodore Ashmead and Dr. Belton. Owen Wister born here July 14,1860.

Doorway to Blair House, formerly in Bensel House.

Cope House, Main abv. Johnson St. [sic]

Clock tower of Independence Hall, Philada.

Reading R.R. Bridge at mouth of Wissahickon.

Rear of Johnson House, Main St. & Washington Lane.

Old building, Fisher's Hollow, used as a powder mill during Revolution.

Market Square showing two old houses. Monument to soldiers who fell in War of Rebellion. Erected 1883.

5300 Main St. at present parsonage of Trinity Luth. Church. Formerly Sauer's property. In cellar first type case in America 1772.

Engle House, Main St. abv. Town Hall. Built 1758 by Benj. Engle. Stone in N. Gable B. E. 1758.

Looking east at mouth of Wissahickon.

Ripplemead from the hill.

Emlem Homestead. Washington's headquarters previous to Battle of Germantown, Whitemarsh, Pa.

Billmyer House, 1727, N.E. Main & Upsal Sts.

Hicksite Friends' Meeting House, N.E. 9th & Spruce. Since demolished.

St. George's Hall. N.W. [sic] 13th & Arch Sts.

Near Sheffield, Mass. 1890.

5112-5114 Main St.

Carlton, from the east. Washington's Headquarters 1777.

Home of Thos. Godfrey, inventor of the quadrant. Died 1749. N. E. Church Lane & Dunton [sic] St. near Old York Road.

Edgar H. Butler's House, Main below High St. G'tn.

5242-44 Main St., formerly Indian Queen Hotel.

Parsonage of St. Stephens Church, 5213 Main St.

5011 Main St.

N. E. Main & Walnut Lane, built 1806 by Rev. Saml. Blair for his son S. Blair Jr.

Old P & R. Ry. Station, Main St., Germantown.

Mermaid Tavern, Main St., Chestnut Hill.