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To a Barman.

To a Barman.

You ugly, low

You Darling Pet.

Your person reminds me

Your soul is in.

You’re a gentleman true

You’re Awful Nice!

Bloated and Ugly.

Hic, Hic, Hic.

When I’m stuck

Who foolishly regards himself.

Why you silly

You think, no doubt

You think no doubt.

To a Blacksmith.

To a Bobby

To a Gossip.

To a Labourer.

To a Shopkeeper.

To a Waiter.

To a waiting maid.

 To be out of fashion

To be out of fashion

Ugliest of the fair

A Violin Player.

What is it?

What, my chap

When age comes on

With a fine hat

With sweet talking

A Bargain Second Hand

Bawling about the streets

Begone, you dirty

A Big Bloat.


Blue Ruin.

You are an ill

You Don't Look

Ah! now I

Alas, poor man,

Although you drive

Awkward, clumsy, bawling

A Baker.

The Baker

Blundering little hussy

Botch Sign Painter.

A Botch Tailor.

A Brainless Jackass.

The Butcher Boy.