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2[25]th Anniversary parade in Germantown, [PA] [graphic].

2[25]th Anniversary parade in Germantown, [PA] [graphic].

226 W. Gravers Lane, S. E. cor. W. Gravers Lane - Millman [Place]. [graphic].

22d and Green Sts., Philada.

22d Regiment! : Wanted 50 men, to fill up Company G, attached to Col. Morehead's 22d Regiment, to be mustered in as soon as full. Head quarters cor. of Broad St. & Ridge Avenue. / Lieut. Arrison, recruiting officer.

[22nd Street, west side north of Market Street, Philadelphia]

23d Ward Troop attention! : The troop will meet for drill, mounted, at 4 o'clock, p.m., on [blank] the [blank] of [blank] at the head quarters, Jolly Post Hotel A full attendance is requested, as business of importance will be laid before the troop. / By

24th Regiment, U[nited] S[tates] C[olored] T[roops] at Camp William Penn

24th Ward arise at your country's call! : Recruits wanted for Co. F. 116th Reg., P.V. Col. Dennis Heenan. Good pay, good food, good officers, and consequently good treatment of the men. $100 bounty. ... In all $90.00 besides the state bounty. / Joseph Kit

25 men wanted immediately, : at the Pennsylvania Hotel, 2d Street below Pine, to be attached to 32d Regt., Co. F. / Capt. A.H. Wright. 1st Lieut. H.W. Rogers, 2d Lieut. J.J. Carberry. N.B. Men will be put on rations immediately after enrolling their names

26th Regiment Penn. Vol's First Brigade Hooker's fighting division!

2745. Bird's Eye View of Barracks for 30,000 Men at Hog Island Ship Yard

2749. Launching of Quistconck, First Ship Built at Hog Island Yard

28th Division Parade in Philadelphia, May 15, 1919. Enthusiastic crowds welcome them from World War. Market Street

28th Division Parade in Philadelphia, May 15, 1919, Marching up Market Street

28th Division Parade - Marching down Chestnut Street, May 15, 1919

28th Division Parade - Passing Independence Hall, May 15, 1915

28th Division Parade - Passing Independence Hall, May 15, 1919

2d Pa. Cavalry Regiment for the First Brigade. : Headquarters, 337 Chestnut Street. / Col. Wm. Frishmuth. $100 bounty $50 cash in hand when mustered.

2nd and Brown St. A stevedore, a family. [graphic].

2nd. Regt. Penna. National guard, [Constitutional Centennial Celebration, Philadelphia] [graphic].

3 day horseback trip, [Canada] [graphic].

3 day horseback trip, [Canada] [graphic].

3 day horseback trip, [Canada] [graphic].

3 masted schooner from "Taurees" on way to N.Y. [Sea Girt, NJ] [graphic].

3 masted schooner in N.Y. Bay, stern view [graphic].

3 masted schooner "John M. Brown" from beach, [Sea Girt, NJ] [graphic].

3 masted schooner "Vanname & King" from beach, [Sea Girt, NJ] [graphic].

3' o'clock in the morning.

300 recruits wanted immediately for one year's service : The highest local bounty cash in hand. $100 government bounty and three months' pay in advance. / Harris & Co., No. 533 Chestnut Street 3d story.

309-11 Green St. [graphic].

30th Street Station and the Main Post Office, 30th and Market Streets, West Philadelphia, Philadelphia.

30th Street Station under construction, 2901-2951 Market Street, Philadelphia.

310 Broadway, New York, March 16th, 1868, Dear Sir...

3171. Countersinking Rivet Holes, Training School, Hog Island, PA.

3176. Spectators on Main Wharf Witnessing Launching, Hog Island, PA

3183. Night Illumination of Shipways, Hog Island, PA.

34th Street [sic], entrance to University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa.

37 Crown Street.

3rd dam on Brandywine, from across race, [Wilmington, DE] [graphic].

3rd Reg. Missouri Voli, Col: F. Sigel.

4 Minute Men, Independence Hall