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Vue panoramique du parc pres du Cercle International

Das goldene A B C für jederman, der gern mit Ehren wollt bestahn.

Geistlicher Irrgarten

Geistlicher Irrgarten

Neujahrs-Wunsch des Herumträgers des Lancaster Adlers, an seine Kunden, bey dem Eintritt des Jahrs 1829.

Sehnsucht nach dem himmlischen Jerusalem.

The Pennsylvania cyclone.

Keystone Normal School

On the crucifixion of our Saviour and the two thieves.

Said Jackson at New Orleans, "Boys we'll each one turn explorer, and make a raid on the enemy's stores with the Enterprise Bung Borer."

Transportation Building. 250 x 960 feet. Cost $280,000.

Pan American Exposition. This pretty little boy insists that___ Heide's licorice pastilles, mint and assorted jujubes are the best.

Parc Francais, la galvanoplastic.

Panorama pris du Phare

International Exhibition. Main Building.

The battle now is over, Bunker Hill no more. Will call the soldier from the maid he does adore, while to his side he would his gentle Nelly press, she tells him of the Enterprise fruit & jelly press.

Beaux arts, section Italienne (No. 13).

Beaux arts, section Francaise (No. 1)

Beaux arts, section Italienne (No. 29).

Centennial buildings at Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, Penn.

Porcelaines de Prusse.

Parc Français. Artillerie.

In seventeen hundred and eighty three, by the Treaty of Paris, our states were made free, and the Enterprise cork puller helped on the cause while the patriots drank to our land and its laws.

Hungry Continentals paid busy lass a visit. Helping himself to fruit, cried one, "What is it?" This machine which does suck work! Would I were the owner!" "Sir," she said, " It is the Enterprise cherry stoner."

Le cavalier Marocain.

Bronzes d'art, le Charmeur de serpents.

Galeries Francais, fontes d'art

Distribution des récompenses vue générale, no. 2.

Corliss engine. Mach Hall

Horace Greely, to his farmer friends, one day, said "How needlessly man often labors, use the Enterprise Sprinkler, that is the proper way, and give up the watering pot, neighbors."

Chasseurs et chevaux, Amerique du Sud.

Crystal Palace. Industry of All Nations Exhibition. New York City, 1853

Porcelaines de Prusse.

Horticultural Hall. Length 360 ft. Width 160 ft.

Machinery Hall. Centennial International Exhibition.

Horticultural Hall. Length, 383 ft. Width, 193 ft.

Manufactures & Liberal Arts Bl'd'g.

Costume guerriers Japonais.

J. Russell & Co. Green River Works, MS. Established 1834.

"Tippecanoe and Tyler too," was the cry they raised in forty two, when barrels were set up all over the land by the Enterprise Barrel Jack, Truck and Stand.

Jardin d'horticulture, le Ruisseau G[illegible] serre