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John B. Stetson Company postcards.

John F. Schreck, manufacturer of Conestoga tobacco, chewing and smoking. It's all in the quality

John Orr's Cohocksink's leading hardware store, 2033 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia.

"The Kenwood," Chestnut Hill, Pa.

Keystone Normal School

Ladies' and Gentlemens' Restaurant, Green's Hotel, Chestnut and 8th Streets, Philadelphia, Pa.

Large schooner yacht, "Henry Disston," Captain Conklin. Sloop Yacht, I. C. Covert," Captain Fisher.

Leiper St. south from Gillingham St. Frankford.

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12036.F.a verso

12036.F.b recto

12036.F.b verso

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12036.F.c verso

12036.F.d recto

Lichten Bros., manufacturers of fine cigars, s.e. cor. 5th and Cherry Sts., Philada.

The life & age of man. Stages of man's life from the cradle to the grave. [graphic].

The life & age of man. Stages of man's life from the cradle to the grave. [graphic].

The Lord's prayer.

Lustres, section Belge.

Machinery Building (official). World's Fair, St. Louis, 1904.

Machinery Hall. Centennial International Exhibition.

Major H. (English hackney.) J. L. Huye, owner, Lancaster, Pa.

Making ends meet.

Manufactures & Liberal Arts Bl'd'g.

Market Street postcards.

Marriage certificate.

Marsden Gateway, Chestnut Hill, Phila.

Martha Washington. Manufactured by Arnett, Wemple & Ellyson, Danville, Va.

Martha Washington. Printed by S. H. Greene & Sons. Riverpoint, R.I. Coffin, Artemus & Co. Sole agents.

Maryland, ss. Frederick, absolute lord and proprietary of the provinces of Maryland and Avalon, Lord Baron of Baltimore, &c. To all persons to whom these presents shall come, Greeting in our Lord God everlasting.

May I. C. U. home?

Mayfair House in Fairmount Park, Germantown, Pa.

McLaughlin's XXXX Coffee [paper doll]

[Mechanical calendar issued by New Jersey electrician Romaine Mace]

The Mechanics Insurance Company's Building, Philadelphia.

Meeting house at Fairhill, Philadelphia, Pa.

Memorial Hall. International Exhibition. Length 365 ft. Width 210 ft.

Memorial of the International Exhibition at Philadelphia. 1876.

Menu collection

Merchant's House, Third Street, above Callowhill. James Rochford, proprietor.

Messiah P.E. Church, Port Richmond, Philadelphia.

[Michael Zinman world's fairs collection]

The Moser & Lyon Co., manufacturing stationers, 216 S. Clinton St., Syracuse, N.Y.

Mr. [blank] To Mifflin & Parry, [blank] Dr. To [blank] months' subscription to the Pennsylvanian

Mrs. Lena Mason's Chautauqua meetings, Aug. 1st - Sept. Phila, Pa.

Mull a la Suisse

Munn & Co., 37 Park Row, N.Y, solicitors of American and foreign patents and publishers of the "Scientific American."

Myerstown Enterprise, Myerstown, Penna. Message by Mail. An angry message.

The National Live Stock Journal, handsomely illustrated, contains 48 large pages, devoted to the interests of stock breeders and farmers.