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M’Dougald, Elizabeth, b. 1796.

Phillipps, Adelaide, 1833-1882.

Bateman sisters

[Life in Philadelphia scraps] [graphic].

[Caricature of capture of Jefferson Davis May 10, 1865] [graphic] / [M A] Andrieu.

"Deed Child's, I's didn't know you was dare." [graphic].

[Graham House, Edgmont Avenue, Chester, Pennsylvania.] [graphic] / Published and sold by N. M. Bennett, Germantown, Phila.

Art exhibit at Rittenhouse Square - 1937 [graphic].

"Dem brats done gone and stole dat melon." [graphic].

[Family photograph album of views of Eastern and Central Pennsylvania] [graphic].

Chew mansion, Germantown. [graphic].

Before Girard Bank on Broad & Chestnut [graphic].

[Country place of worship] [graphic] / Drawn & lithd. at Kollners Lithy. Philada.

Use Merrick's thread. "Gully this cotton beats 'em all!" [graphic].

Freedman's National Monument [graphic] / Photographed by Heywood.

New drawing album [graphic].

[Trio gem lantern slide of scenes from Uncle Tom's Cabin] [graphic].

[Mary Ann C. Shadd?, Washington, D.C.] [graphic] / Henrici & Garns, photographers. No. 709 South Second Street, Philadelphia.

Happy contraband [graphic].

[Full-length studio portrait photograph of an unidentified, young African American man, seated] [graphic] / Fowler, 238 N. Eighth St. Philadelphia, U.S.A.

Clark's mile-end 60 spool cotton [graphic].

[Photographs of Andalusia, probably Pennsylvania] [graphic].

[Johnson Homestead postcards] [graphic].

Official first day of issue. Honoring Salem Poor, Gallant Soldier, distinguished patriot of Bunker Hill, Valley Forge and White Plains. [graphic]

Testimonial banquet to Ms. Eugenia M. Neal. Daughter Ruler Keystone Temple, No. 448 I.B.P.O.E.W., Dec. 8, 1930. O. V. Catto Elks Home, Philadelphia. [graphic] / Standard Photo Service, 1357 South St., Phila., Pa.

Chew's House, Germantown [graphic].

Chew House Germantown [graphic].

Minstrel show. Wentworth Town Hall. March 26th - 8:15. Adults .25. Children .15. Orchestra - dancing. [graphic].

[Cartoon depicting a Liberty Pole] [graphic].

Chew's house, Germantown [graphic] / C.H. Wells, pt.

Johnson House. 6306 G[erman]t[ow]n. Ave. [graphic].

Official first day of issue. Honoring Harriet Tubman, 1821-1913. Abolitionist. Nurse. Escapded slave. Black Heritage USA Series. [graphic]

[Abraham Lincoln miscellany] [graphic].

A. Fiot publisher of music, importer of musical merchandize [sic]. Wholesale & retail, No. 196 Chestnut Street Philadelphia. [graphic] : Piano, harps, guitars, violins, flutes, brass instruments, Italian strings. &c. &c. / H. Dacre, del.

[Johnson House, 6300-6306 Germantown Avenue, Germantown, Philadelphia] [graphic] / W.N. Jennings.

The nation honors a great American. "From slave cabin to hall of fame." Booker Washington Bookplace, Virginia. U.S. Post Office established February 12, 1948. [graphic]

View in the Park. [graphic].

Pictorial views of houses & places in Germantown yr 1859. [graphic].

Juno excites Vulcan to dry up the river Xanthus to preserve Achilles from being drowned [graphic].

[Deborah Passmore Gillingham scrapbook of prints, drawings, and specimens] [graphic].

Chew Mansion postcards. [graphic].

The girl graduate: her own book [graphic] / Designed and illustrated by Louise Perrett and Sarah K. Smith.