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The One That Wears the Breeches.

Sighing for a Wife.

To a Bachelor.

An Old Granny.

The Old Bachelor.

Old Maid.

Wearing the Breeches.

Waiting for an Offer.

Woman's Rights.

Never Had a Beau.

Oh! For a Husband.

Old Bachelor.

To a Vain Old Maid.

Tom-Boy Girl.

Wearing the Breeches.

Woman's Rights.

You think your style is just the thing

Colored man is no slacker [graphic].

Cotton plantation scene.

Immediate emancipation illustrated. [graphic]

[Residential New York street] [graphic].

A mark of friendship's pleasing power...

[Residential New York street]

Stevens-Cogdell/Sanders-Venning Hinkson Portrait Collection

Official first day of issue. Honoring Harriet Tubman, 1821-1913. Abolitionist. Nurse. Escaped slave. Black Heritage USA Series. [graphic]

Old Black Joe. Dan Bryant.

[Group portrait of women minstrels in blackface and costumes] [graphic].

U. S. B. M. Dockstaders. US BM black mail. Charles and Lewis Dockstader, Carncross' Minstrels, Eleventh St. Opera House, Philadelphia, Pa. [graphic].

Portrait Album of Well-Known 19th-Century African American Men of Philadelphia

Portrait album of well known 19th-century African American men of Philadelphia

[Young African American nursemaid with her young white charge]

[Stevens-Cogdell and Sanders-Venning and Chew families portrait collection]