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5618 Girard Ave. [graphic] / Parker & Mullikin Photographers, P.O. Box 275, Upper Darby, Pa.

55th Regiment, N.Y. St. Mil: Col. Le Gal.

5450 Main St. Built 1790. Home of Thos. Armat.

5450 Germantown Ave. Supposed built in 1790, by one Morgan. Thomas Armat lived there from 1807 till his death in 1831. [graphic].

5442 from Market Sq[uare], [Deshler-Morris House, Germantown] [graphic].

5434 Main St. Home of John Ashmead.

5434 Germantown Ave., home of Jno. Ashmead, father of Capt.. Albert Ashmead. [graphic].

5430 Main St. Home of Capt. Albert Ashmead.

5430 Germantown Ave. Home of Captain Albert Ashmead of the American Army. [graphic].

5307 Haverford Ave. [graphic].

5300 Main St. at present parsonage of Trinity Luth. Church. Formerly Sauer's property. In cellar first type case in America 1772.

5300 Germantown Ave., N.W. cor. Queen Lane. [graphic].

5275-7 Main St. Occupied by Thos. Jefferson in 1793 & Edmund Randolph.

5267 [sic] Germantown Ave. I have no record of when it was built. Anthony Gilbert, a blacksmith, renowned for his strength, lived there in 1809. It is next door above "Grumblethorp." [graphic].

5261 Main St. Built by John Wister 1744.

5242-44 Main St., formerly Indian Queen Hotel.

5222 Germantown Ave., Endt-Hansberry House. Theobald Endt, clockmaker owned it in 1766. [graphic].

5218 Germantown Ave. [graphic].

5214 Germantown Ave. The Hacker House. Site of the British encampment during the Battle of Germantown. [graphic].

5203-5205 Main St. Home of Dr. Theodore Ashmead and Dr. Belton. Owen Wister born here July 14,1860.

5151 Main St. Home of Phil. R. Freas and first office of the Village Telegraph, later Germantown Telegraph.

5140 Main St. Occupied by Gilbert Stuart 1794-5. Studio in rear.

5140 Germantown Ave. The "Cory" or Crows' Nest. Wm. Wynn Wister's Place. Gilbert Stewart lived there from 1796 to 1800. He painted Washington's portrait in the barn, which is not now standing. [graphic].

5112-5114 Main St.

5112-14 Main St.

5011 Main St.

5 merits. Punctuality. Attention. Dilligence.

5 & 7 Spruce Street, New York, March 2, 1868.

4th Pennsylvania from Porto Rico.

49th social assembly and fancy dress party of the Mercantile Reading Association. Musical Fund Hall, Thursday March 22, 1866 [graphic].

4825 Germantown Ave., home of Christian Ottinger, a soldier of the Pennsylvania Line in the Revolutionary War. [graphic].

4821 Main St.

4774 Main St. [Bruner & George Livery] showing that side of street up to School Lane. From P[ost] O[ffice] [Germantown] [graphic].

4774 Main St. + Bockius house (4772) from pavement of Post Office, [Germantown] [graphic].

4518 & 4520 Germantown Ave. Neglee House. When built, uncertain, but Jas. Logan lived in it while Stenton was being built, 1727-1734. [graphic].

[4500 block of Franklin Street, near "Grandmother's Alley", Frankford, Philadelphia, Pa.] [graphic].

[4300 Fleming Street, northwest corner of Roxborough Avenue, Philadelphia.]

412 S. 23rd St. [graphic].

4 Minute Men, The Capitol

4 Minute Men, Independence Hall

3rd Reg. Missouri Voli, Col: F. Sigel.

3rd dam on Brandywine, from across race, [Wilmington, DE] [graphic].

37 Crown Street.

34th Street [sic], entrance to University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa.

3183. Night Illumination of Shipways, Hog Island, PA.

3176. Spectators on Main Wharf Witnessing Launching, Hog Island, PA

3171. Countersinking Rivet Holes, Training School, Hog Island, PA.

310 Broadway, New York, March 16th, 1868, Dear Sir...

30th Street Station under construction, 2901-2951 Market Street, Philadelphia.

30th Street Station and the Main Post Office, 30th and Market Streets, West Philadelphia, Philadelphia.