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The Philadelphia Wagon manufactured by Rech-Marbaker Co. Girard Ave & 8th St. Philadelphia Pa.

Philadelphians have push; what?

Philip Doersom, carriage builder, Lancaster, Pa.

Pig tail

Pilgrim Laundry Co., North Philadelphia.

A plan of the borough of Harrisburg.

Pleis' celebrated fit powders & liver pills, 860 N. Third Street, Philadelphia.

Pope's rifle air pistol gallery, 41st Street, opp. Poplar, Centennial grounds, 40 ranges, 10 shots, 10 cts.

Porcelaines de Prusse.

Porcelaines de Prusse.

Post Office, 9th & Chestnut Sts. postcards.

P.R.R. Bridge over Schuylkill River, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, Pa.

Public Ledger Job Printing Office, south-west corner Sixth and Chestnut Street, Philadelphia

Raffaele Orlando, tin smith, 1213 So. 7th Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

Reading's Sesqui-Centennial, Reading, Pa. Jubilee Week June 5th to 12th, 1898. 150th Anniverary.

Receipts collection

Record of birth & baptism.

Record of birth & baptism

Der Regenbogen.

Reunion of the students and graduates of the Quaker City Business College, Thursday evening, February 14, 1867.

Reward of merit

Reward of merit

Reward of merit

Reward of merit

Reward of merit

Reward of merit

Reward of merit

Reward of merit

Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Philadelphia.

Robert Moderwell's transportation line for Philadelphia and Lancaster, warehouse fronting on North Queen Street and the Penna. Rail Road, Lancaster.

Roberts' Old Mill, Germantown, Philadelphia.

The Rodin Museum.

Said Jackson at New Orleans, "Boys we'll each one turn explorer, and make a raid on the enemy's stores with the Enterprise Bung Borer."

Said Peter Stuyvesant, "Welcome, friends, you would find our living rougher had we knickerbockers not learned to use the Enterprise sausage stuffer."

Samuel F. Heflick, Pittsburg, Pa. Heflick's rein supporter. Price card.

Samuel Hart & Co. Philadelphia and New York.

[Schuylkill Navigation Company stock certificate]

Season ticket.--20 cts.

Sehnsucht nach dem himmlischen Jerusalem.

The Shaker extract of roots. Sold by A.J. White, New York City. Office, 29 Murray Street.

Shibe Park. Philadelphia, Pa. The Home of the Athletics.

Shipped by the grace of God, in good order and well conditioned, by [blank] :