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Majestic Hotel postcards.

German Hospital postcards.

Boys' Central High School postcards.

United Gas Improvement Building (U.G.I.) and the Young Men's Christian Association Building (Y.M.C.A.) postcards.

Valley Green postcards.

Quadrangle Dormitories of the University of Pennsylvania postcards.

Eighth Street postcards.

Philadelphia City Hall postcards.

McClatchy Building, 69th Street.

Mint Arcade.

Washington Monument postcards.

Philadelphia Zoo postcards.

University of Pennsylvania Campus postcards.

Memorial Hall postcards.

Immaculate Conception Church chapel and St. Vincent's College, Germantown, Pa.

Franklin's grave postcards.

Little Sisters of the Poor postcards.

University of Pennsylvania Library postcards.

Chestnut Street postcards.

Holy Trinity Church postcards.

Congress Hall postcards.

Philadelphia Bourse postcards.

Cobbs and Darby Creeks postcards.

Windsor Hotel postcards.

Walnut Lane Bridge postcards.

Green Street Friends Meeting House postcards.

Second Baptist Church postcards.

U.S. Custom House postcards.

Friends' Meeting House, 4th and Arch Streets postcards.

Cramp's Shipyard postcards.

Girls' Normal School postcards.

Post Office and Federal Building postcards.

Market Street postcards.

East River Drive postcards.

Stenton postcards.

Union League postcards.

Tom Moore's Cottage postcards.

South Broad Street postcards.

Green Tree Inn postcards.

Girls' High School postcards.

Penn Mansion postcards.

United States Mint postcards.

League Island postcards.

Horn & Hardart's Automat postcards.

Christ Church postcards.

Chew Mansion postcards.

Johnson House postcards.