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Bartram's House, Bartram's Garden [graphic].

Bartram's House, Bartram's Garden [graphic].

Anecdotes of the American revolution

Bartram House, [in Bartram's Garden, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Florida Cypress tree in Bartram's Garden [graphic].

Bartram House from down in the Garden [graphic].

Bartram House from down in the garden, [Philadelphia] [graphic].

Florida cypress tree in Bartram's garden, [Philadelphia] [graphic].

Bartram's House, in Bartram's Garden. From S. (Schuylkill front), [Philadelphia] [graphic].

The garden

Group on fallen tree. Bartram's Garden. Mrs Shoemaker, Bird & Minnie Tyson Shoemaker, Minnie Kimber & Bess [graphic].

Life on the rail, Minnie Tyson Shoemaker & Minnie Kimber on fence at Bartram's Garden [graphic].

American flower garden companion

American flower garden directory

American flower-garden directory

Zoological Garden - chimpanzee.

The flower garden

Operti's Tropical Garden

Operti's Tropical Garden

Public Garden.

[Snowy garden] [graphic].

McAran's Pleasure Garden

The American flower garden companion

The American fruit garden companion

The cottage garden of America

Castle Garden, New York.

Garden walks with the poets

The American fruit garden companion

Spring Garden Water Works. [graphic].

St. Jude Church, Spring Garden

Garden of the Friends Almshouse

A Garden of Climbing Wistaria

Play and profit in my garden

Buds and Blossoms from Our Own Garden

Bartram's house and garden postcards.

The fruit, flower, and kitchen garden

Buist's garden seeds are the best

[Scene with fence, garden, and buildings] [graphic].

[Woman with bonnet in a garden] [graphic].

Dreer's garden calendar 1886 [catalog cover]

New Girard Ave: Bridge from Zoological Garden

Kosciuscko's Garden, West Point, [NY] [graphic].

The Free Library of Philadelphia, Spring Garden Branch, Seventeenth and Spring Garden Streets.

[Spring Garden Institute, northeast corner Broad and Spring Garden streets, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Spring Garden Hall, N.W. corner Thirteenth & Spring Garden St. [graphic] / McClees.

The bear pits, looking south.

The monkey house from the south.