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One of the Codfish Aristocracy.

One of the Codfish

Cod-Fish Aristocracy.

The   American aristocracy

The   Protestant establishment: aristocracy & caste in America

Aristocracy, or The Holbey family

Banks & bribery, v.s. balls & bumbs scene 1st [graphic] : Or the destruction of aristocracy monopoly and oppression / From a splendid picter, draw'd for the Jineral by Zek Downing, historical painter to Uncle Jack & Jineral Jackson.

Country Storekeeper.

Political philosophy

"Black drop" envelope

Slave nursing white baby envelope

The  annual biography and obituary

The   Negro in American civilization

The  county families of the United Kingdom, or, Royal manual of the titled and untitled aristocracy of Great Britain and Ireland

Aristocracy, considered in its relations with the progress of civilization

An  American aristocracy

The  influence of aristocracies on the revolutions of nations

Thoughts upon the aristocracy of England

The  Empire City, or, New York by night and day : its aristocracy and its dollars

The  Empire City, or, New York by night and day : its aristocracy and its dollars

Aristocracy unmasked, or, The exposition of a vote against the right of suffrage

The  two aristocracies

The  Empire City, or, New York by night and day : its aristocracy and its dollars

Ladies and officers of the United States Army, or, American aristocracy




The  life and opinions of Sir Richard Maltravers


Daniel Deronda

The  American

Mothers and daughters

Henrietta Temple

The  political writings of Joel Barlow

The  political writings of Joel Barlow

Nature's aristocracy

Stigmata of degeneracy in the aristocracy and regicides

The  colored aristocracy of St. Louis

The  sketch book of fashion

St. Leon: a tale of the sixteenth century. 1st Amer. ed. In 2 vols. [Vol. 1 only]

Anecdotes of the aristocracy, and episodes of ancestral story

Celebrated trials connected with the aristocracy in the relations of private life

The  colored aristocracy of St. Louis

The  decline and fall of the British aristocracy

New York aristocracy, or, Gems of japonica-dom

Daniel Deronda

Aristocracy in America

A  letter to Isaac Tomkins and Peter Jenkins on primogeniture

Memoirs of the court, aristocracy, and diplomacy of Austria

Anecdotes of the aristocracy, and episodes in ancestral story

American aristocracy


The  dowager; or, The new school for scandal


The  aristocracy of England: A history for the people

Mothers and daughters

The  political writings of Joel Barlow

Aristocracy the bane of liberty; learning the antidote

Annals of the aristocracy

Family romance

The  court album

Some small steals helped along by Garfield

Considerations on the order of Cincinnatus

Observations on the proposed Constitution for the United States of America

Contractors & laborers on the canals. Suspension of payment by the state government

Family romance

The  History of fish

Josiah the First

A  general arguing of the Maine question, or John Bull's bully trying to frighten Jonathan out of title & timber

Fisher, Joshua Francis, 1807-1873

Biography of Revolutionary heroes

The  extraordinary black book

Political philosophy

The  South

Western clearings

Irish politics and social conflict in the age of the American Revolution

Richd Cobden

Barings Bank, William Bingham and the rise of the American nation

The  duke and the scholar

The  American lounger; or, Tales, sketches and legends, gathered in sundry journeyings

The  Clamorgans

Speech delivered in Beethoven Hall, before the Fremont Club

Schooling and society

The  power of the purse

Defining duty in the Civil War

Old Nick's new patent plan to make Nova Scotia tories, federals coodies, Hartford conventioners, nullifiers, national republican bankites &c

Provenance research in book history

Tyrants prostrate liberty triumphant

Black Gotham