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[William H. Helfand graphic popular medicine ephemera collection]

[Postcards, bank drafts, and invoices relating to G.G. Green, manufacturer of proprietary medicines, Woodbury, N.J.]

[Collection of prescription forms.]

[Advertisements for proprietary medicines prepared and sold by Thomas Hollis, druggist and apothecary, 23 Union Street, Boston, Mass.]

[Advertisements for proprietary medicines marketed by W. Gilmore & Son, of Pavilion, N.Y.]

[Advertisements for proprietary medicines marketed by Dr. A. Snyder, of Newville, Herkimer County, N.Y.]

[Collection of advertisements and other promotional materials relating to proprietary medicines manufactured by the Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Company, of Lynn, Mass.]

[Advertisements for proprietary medicines marketed by R.W. Robinson & Son, wholesale druggists, of New York, N.Y.]

[Materials relating to Renne's Pain Killing Magic Oil, manufactured and marketed by Wm. Renne & Sons, of Pittsfield, Mass.]

[Collection of 19th-century matriculation tickets, lecture admission cards, schedule cards, and graduation tickets from various colleges of medicine and pharmacy.]

[Advertisements for proprietary medicines manufactured and marketed by the Egyptian Drug Co., of New York, N.Y.]

Dr. Leidy's san-guin'e-ous sarsparilla panacea vegetable compound.

Grand-stand baseball

World's Dispensary Medical Association. Proprietors of Dr. Pierce's family medicines. Buffalo, N.Y.

'Tis the genuine

A. Gsell, dealer in dry goods, notions, boots, shoes, hats, hardware, groceries, produce, salt, fish, &c. Clearspring, - MD.

Laboratory of Minnie Mueller Tolke, manufacturing chemist. Chemical, dermatological and pharmaceutical preparations. Cincinatti, O.

Mrs. S. A. Allen's improved hair restorer. Favorite hair dressing. New style in one bottle. Price, one dollar.