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Group in meadow at Allaire, N.J. 1884. [Father, Mother, Bessie, Sam, Anne & Mary Emlen] [graphic].

Avenue of elms & workmen's houses at Allaire, [NJ] [graphic].

Bridge & bail race below mill. Bess & Carrie M[orris] in foreground, [Allaire, NJ] [graphic].

Bridge over river at Allaire, [NJ]. Bess & Carrie with clemiatis [graphic].

[View ] thro pine trees at Allaire, [NJ], looking toward workman's houses [graphic].

Old blast furnace at Allaire, [NJ]. A[nna] P. Sharpless in foreground [graphic].

Bridge & large willow tree at Allaire, [NJ]. Lena Goodwin & G[eorge] V[aux] Jr. on bridge [graphic].

Group at Allaire. In meadow. Caspar, Carrie, Father & Bess. [NJ] [graphic].

Cottage through pine trees at Allaire, [NJ] [graphic].

Group at foot of great elm tree in valley Allaire, [NJ]. Anna Sharpless, Lena Goodwin & G[eorge] V[aux], Jr. [graphic].

Great elm tree in meadow, Allaire, [NJ]. A[nna] P. S[harpless] on truck [Graphic].

Woods Allaire, N.J

Old Iron Foundry, Allaire, [NJ], Miss Cohen & Bess at corner [graphic].

Wood scene on [Mana]squan River, below Allaire, [NJ] [graphic].

Large tree on banks of [Mana]squan R[iver], Mr. Samuel on limb of tree. [Allaire, NJ] [graphic].

[Mana]squan River party after lunch, 2 miles below Allaire, [NJ]. Anne Emlen, Father, Shober Kimber, Mr. [Joseph Bunford] Samuel, Miss Cohen & Bess [graphic].

Bridge over [Mana]squan River at Allaire, [NJ]. [Sam & A(nne) Emlen in foreground] [graphic].

[Row of workmen's houses, Allaire, N.J.] [graphic].

Fall in ravine, Allaire, [NJ]

Old blast furnace at Allaire, [NJ] [graphic].

Bridge over stream, Allaire, [NJ] [graphic].

Church & row of old houses. Allaire, [NJ] [graphic].

View on [Mana]squan River, a little below Allaire, [NJ] [graphic].

Row of workmen's houses, Allaire, N.J. [graphic].

Group at Allaire, [NJ]. Father, Mother, Bessie, Sam, Anne & Mary Emlen [graphic]

Old pottery, Allaire, [NJ], Occupied by Mr. Malcolmson [graphic].