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Landing of Penn. Dock Creek.

Schooner at Chestnut Street, wharf, Phila.

T.C. Foster's sloop yacht The Restless in race of Quaker City Yacht Club [graphic].

Rowley, Ashburner & Co.'s oil, alcohol, fluid & pine oil works.

Souvenir of the coldest winter on record. Scene on the Delaware River at Philada. during the severe winter of 1856.

Philadelphia from the Navy Yard

Philadelphia from the Navy Yard

Philadelphia from the Navy Yard

Philadelphia from the Navy Yard

View of the glass works of T. W. Dyott at Kensington on the Delaware nr Philada.

View of Kensington, Phila.

Cooper's Point, on the Delaware, New Jersey.

Village of Point Pleasant, Delaware River and canal in the distance.

[Engine house at Delaware Water Works]

SS Manhattan on the Delaware

The iron steamboat, R. F. Stockton.

To captains and ship owners. Kensington Screw Dock, Penn Street above Maiden, Philadelphia.

Smith's Island. C. Boenning, proprietor



Plan of the United States dry dock, at Philadelphia, on the new system of the sectional floating dock, basin, & railways, now constructing by contract with Mess. Dakin & Moody.

View of the launch of the U.S. ship of war Pennsylvania

A correct view of the City of Philadelphia on the Delaware River as it appeared on 25th of January 1852.

HSP Ba 72 D 584

A view of Point Airy opposite South Street, Phila. [graphic]: Persons visiting this delightful resort during the summer season will find the bar supplied with a variety of suitable refreshments for the season. Every facility is afforded at this place for

[Scenic views of the Delaware Water Gap, Pa.]

Allied Chemical & Dye Corporation, General Chemical Division plant, Camden, New Jersey.

American Steel & Wire Company factory plant, Trenton, New Jersey.

Moon development, Morrisville, Pennsylvania.

Piers on the Delaware River south of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, South Philadelphia, Philadelphia.

[Independent Pier Company, Tioga Marine Terminal, Delaware Avenue at Tioga Street, Port Richmond, Philadelphia.]

[Delaware River looking north from Dock Street, Philadelphia.]

Delaware River waterfront, Philadelphia.

Port of Wilmington, Wilmington, Delaware.

Dock Street and environs, Society Hill, Philadelphia.

USS Constitution sailing on the Delaware River, Philadelphia.

Fleet of ships sailing south on the Delaware River, Philadelphia.

Bridesburg Manufacturing Company.

The early settlement & progress of Philadelphia & Pennsylvania.

Treaty Tree.

Tower view, at Water Gap House.

Philadelphia Citizen's Line of steam boats to New York & Baltimore.

China Retreat Pennsylva. the seat of Mr. Manigault [graphic] / Drawn engraved & published by W. Birch Springland near Bristol Pennsylvania.

Van Brant's [sic] place on the Delaware River [graphic].

Pennsylvania, 1776-1876, City of Philadelphia.

Cramp's Shipyard postcards.

Philadelphia. S.E. view

Philadelphia. S.E. view

A view of Point Airy opposite South Street, Phila.

Penn's tree, with the city & port of Philadelphia, on the river Delaware from Kensington [graphic].