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Johnson House, [Upsala], Main opp. Washington Lane, [Germantown] [graphic].

The Academy, School L[ane] & Green St[reet] [Germantown] [graphic].

[Soldier's] Monument & Presbyterian Church from Dr. Schaeffer's pavement. [Germantown] [graphic].

Photo of the old Buttonwood tree [planted by Samuel B. Morris] at Market Square, Germantown, Phila. [graphic].

Old Sherrit house, Negleys Hill, [Germantown] [graphic].

Our old cottage, Church L[ane] & Chew Sts. From near Zell's gate, [Germantown] [graphic].

[Our old cottage, Church Lane & Chew Sts. From near Zell's gate, Germantown] [graphic].

Monument & Square from our front steps, [Germantown] [graphic].

The G[erman]t[ow]n Academy from cor[ner] of Green St. & School Lane, [Germantown] [graphic].

Our house [Deshler-Morris House, 5442 Germantown Avenue] from Dr. Schellenberger's pavement. [Germantown] [graphic].

Our old cottage, Cor. of Chew St. & Church Lane. Taken from E. in garden, [Germantown] [graphic].

Cottage from the old stable, [Germantown] [graphic].

[Women's Christian Association, 5501 Germantown Avenue including a view of the Market Square] [graphic].

Harkness House & church across Market Sq[uare] fr[om Deshler-Morris House], 5442 [Germantown Avenue] [graphic].

House c[o]r[ner] Main St. & School Lane, opp[osite] square [Germantown] [graphic].

Old Logan house, Negley's Hill, Main St. [Gemantown] [graphic].

Old Johnson House, [Upsala], no. 5206 Main St., Germantown, corner of Washington Lane [graphic].

Old house no. 5358 Main St. & view up the street. [Germantown] [graphic].

Old house of Norton Johnson's, [Upsala]. Main St. opp. Cliveden Av[enue], [Germantown] [graphic].

New Market Square Presbyterian Church from our gate. [Germantown] [graphic].

Charles J. Wister's house, [Grumblethorpe], no. 4661 Main St. opp. Queen St., [Germantown] [graphic].

New Presbyterian Church & Square from Bank, cor. Main & School L[ane. Germantown] [graphic].

Residence of Thomas Drake, Esqr., Germantown, Pa.

The Fisher estate.

Mennonite church. [graphic] : Of this Mr. Watson writes, " a stone church and grave-yard, near Congress hall (above on the same side of Main Street) but I mean to say nothing of church. From the wall of the ground, they shot Genl. Agnew (during revolution

Roberts' Mill. [graphic] : "To go back the Church lane," writes Mr. Watson, "there is Roberts' Mill and dam, holding the place, and probably much of the original of the first mill in Philadelphia county" / Photograph by Richards.

[Roberts' Mill, Germantown, Philadelphia]

Mr. Chew's house

Chew's house, Germantown [graphic] / C.H. Wells, pt.

Photo of the Old Buttonwood tree at Market Square, [Deshler-Morris House, 5442] Germantown [Avenue], Phila[delphia] [graphic].

Mower U.S.A. General Hospital, Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia.

Mennonite Church & Keyser's House.

Market Square showing two old houses. Monument to soldiers who fell in War of Rebellion. Erected 1883.

Second and last concert by the Hutchinson Family, at Langstroth's Hall: Germantown, : Saturday evening, January 24th, 1863. All will appear! Asa, Lizzie, Abby, Freddy and little Dennett singing their new songs of patriotism, Union, freedom, &c. ... Admiss

Cor. Greene St. & W. Walnut Lane G[erman]t[ow]n & N. side of Walnut Ln. W. of Greene. 3/1923 [graphic] / Marriott C. Morris photo.

Views of Loudoun & Stenton Album

Views of Loudoun and Stenton, residences of Maria Dickinson Logan and her brother, Albanus C. Logan, Germantown, Philadelphia

W. Walnut Lane, G[ermant[ow]n. Mr. Lindsay & houses between him & Greene St., March 1923 [graphic] / Marriott C. Morris photo.

N. Side of W. Walnut Lane, G[ermant[ow]n. West of Greene St. Mar. 1923 [graphic] / Marriott C. Morris photo.

N. Side of W. Walnut Lane. West of Greene St. Mar. 1923 [graphic] / Marriott C. Morris photo.

Market Square, Germantown from Elliston P. Morris' home, [Deshler-Morris House], 5442 Main St. looking down Church Lane [graphic].

Old Philadelphia Views Album

Old Philadelphia views 1861

Photographs [graphic] / John C. Browne.

[Thomas H. Wilkinson watercolor views of Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Thomas H. Wilkinson watercolor views of Philadelphia] [graphic].

Pictorial views of houses & places in Germantown yr 1859. [graphic].