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5218 Germantown Ave. [graphic].

5222 Germantown Ave., Endt-Hansberry House. Theobald Endt, clockmaker owned it in 1766. [graphic].

John Bechtel House, 5226 Germantown Ave. [graphic].

5300 Germantown Ave., N.W. cor. Queen Lane. [graphic].

5430 Germantown Ave. Home of Captain Albert Ashmead of the American Army. [graphic].

Barn house, Walnut Lane, Germantown. [graphic].

6019 Germantown Ave. Built by Daniel Pastorius. Also known as the Green Tree Inn. [graphic].

Pastorius House, Germantown. [graphic].

Washington House, Germantown, blt. 1740. [graphic].

Shoemaker or Rock Hill, 347 E. Penn St., possibly the oldest house in Germantown. [graphic].

Carlton, in lower part of Germantown. Built by Henry Hill. Year not known. Burned in the Revolutionary War in 1777. Rebuilt by Hill, it is said, in 1780. Now occupied by Mrs. Newhall, cor. Stokley St. & Midvale Ave. [graphic].

4518 & 4520 Germantown Ave. Neglee House. When built, uncertain, but Jas. Logan lived in it while Stenton was being built, 1727-1734. [graphic].

Loudoun, 4650 Germantown Ave., built by Thos. Armat. occupied in 1920 by Mr. Albanus Chas. Logan & Miss Maria D. Logan. [graphic].

Loudoun, 4650 Germantown Ave. [graphic].

Toland House, 4810 Germantown Ave., built in 1734. At time of Battle of Germantown was home of Geo. Miller, an officer in the American Army, whose wife was forced to bake bread for British. Hotchkin says interior very interesting. Open stairway. Franklin

[Johnson House, 6306 Germantown Ave., Philadelphia.] [graphic].

Upsala, Germantown Ave. [graphic].

Johnson House door. [graphic].

House on Main St., Germantown. [graphic].

Upsala doorway. [graphic].

[Upsala, 6430 Germantown Ave., Philadelphia.] [graphic].

[Chew mansion, Germantown] [graphic] / [Taken February 1857 by James E. McClees]

Chew Mansion postcards. [graphic].

[Johnson Homestead postcards] [graphic].

Concord School House postcards.

Washington Inn, Washtn. Lane & Main St., known as Washington Tavern, 1793.

Old Johnson House, N. W. Main & Washington Lane.

Rear of Johnson House, Main St. & Washington Lane.

Building in rear of the Johnson house, Washington Lane.

[[The]] Johnson House, Main & Washington Lane, built in 1768 by John Johnson. The doors & hall show marks of bullets in battle of Germantown.

Doorway to Johnson House, Main & Washington Ln.

Keyser House, 6316 Main St., subsequently owned by Elwood Johnson.

6305 Main St.

Jacob Knorr House, 1760, 6307 Main St.

"Ship" House, Main St., G'tn. 6338 Main St. Built 1760. At one time an inn. First public hall in Gt'n. was in rear. One of first three hand fire engines kept here.

Main St. abv. Washington Lane, S.W. side of Main St.

Johnson House, Main & Johnson Sts. Oldest house in Germantown. Built in 1698 by Heivert Papen. Passed into Johnson family early in the 18th century. Demolished in 1883

Neglee House, 4518-20 Main St., built before 1750.

Loudoun, built 1801 by Thos. Armat for his son.

Toland House, 4810 Main St., built abt. 1740. Home of Geo. Miller, an officer of Continental army.

Mehl House, 4817 Main St.

4821 Main St.

Ottinger House. Built 1781. 4825 Main St. Christopher Ottinger was a soldier in the Penna. line.

Wagner House, 4840 Main St., built 1747, hospital in Battle of Germantown.

Henry House, 1760. 4908 Main St. In 1828 bought by John S. Henry father of Alex Henry thrice mayor of Phila.

5011 Main St.

General Wayne Hotel, S.W. Main & Manheim Sts.

Thos. Kunders House, where 1st Friends' Meeting in Germantown was held.

S.W. Manheim & Portico St., near Main St. Owned by Jacques Marie Roset in 1792. Introduced the tomato to Gtn.

Capt. Barrow's House, 5106 Main St.