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[Girard Avenue Bridge monument]

Eagle cliff

Pennsylvania Rail Road Co. connecting bridge at Girard Ave.

Girard Avenue Bridge postcards.

Grand leaping feat! : Professor Parsloe, makes his second daring leap! from the Girard Avenue Bridge, a distance of 60 feet, into the River Schuylkill! at half-past 4 o'clock, on Wednesday afternoon, July 31st, 1861.

New west side of Schuylkill

[Tugboat south of Girard Avenue Bridge, Schuylkill River]

North from the summer house

River scene from Girard Avenue.

[Entrance to Lansdowne Drive, Philadelphia]

Girard Ave. Bridge from south side of bridge looking to the city

Girard Avenue Bridge

Railroad bridge Girard Ave. looking S.E.

Entrance to the drive

[Bird's eye view of the Centennial Exhibition grounds, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia]

[In Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, Pa.]

Girard Ave. Bridge.

Girard Bridge & c

Girard Avenue Bridge and N.Y.R.R. Bridge, Phila[delphia]

[Girard Avenue Bridge under construction, Schuylkill River, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia]

Girard Avenue and Junc[tion] R.R. Bridge

Landsdown [sic] entrance looking south

New Girard Avenue Bridge

[Promontory Rock Tunnel and New York Connecting Railway Bridge, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Philadelphia 1876

Bits of nature and some art products in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, Pa.

Views of Philadelphia Souvenir Booklet

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Centennial Exhibition and Philadelphia [viewbook] [graphic].



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