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Tenth Ward! To the rescue! : All desiring to join a live organization will enroll themselves at once under the call of the president and governor in a company to be commanded by Captain Caleb Needles, "Washington Gray Regiment," now recruiting at the "Lea

Second Infantry Regiment, 1st Brg: 1st Div. P.V. National Guard Good active men wanted for Co. D! : Call at once! At head-quarters, No. 605 Arch St. / Capt. J.B. Dehaven, First LIeut. Elias W. Shertz. Second Lieut. Wm. J. Gilbert.

Come join the National Guard : Defend your state! Recruits wanted. Military Hall, Library St., bet. 4th & 5th.

Off for Dixie, boys! Take no draft but the bounty draft! Pennsylvania Sharpshooters : Able-bodied and active men wanted for Capt. John F. Preston's company of this crack regiment, Col. Charles R. Doron, commanding Head-quarters at Morris's Quinton Hotel M

Rally for the Keystone State! : To arms To arms Now is your chance to avoid the draft! 20 men wanted! To fill a company now forming for state defence, under the command of experienced officers. / Capt. A. McCormick. 1st Lieut. Luke Shearer. 2d Lieut. J. K

Attention 24th Ward. $50 bounty : Recruits wanted to fill a company for 100 days' service, in accordance with the proclamation of the governor. Apply at once at the Commissioners' Hall, 37th & Market. / T.P. Smith, 1st Lieut. Capt. Edward Lyster.

Head-quarters, Co. I Second Regiment, Reserve Brigade! : Wanted---strong, able-bodied men to serve during three months if not sooner discharged. Pay from $13 to $21 per month. The pay and rations will commence immediately after enrollment. Good clothing a

Rathbun Guards : This company is being recruited under the auspices of the Coal Merchants Committee, and will be attached to the 183d Reg't, Pa. Volunteers! Col. commanding, Geo. P. McLean. The only new regiment that has been accepted, or will be, by auth

To amrs! [sic] Recruits wanted for three months service, in F Company, Gray Reserves / Capt. J.N. Peirsol. Armory, N.E. cor. 2d and Race.

Philadelphians rally! and defend your state! : $25 bounty as soon as mustered into the service. $10 Citizens' bounty. $50 City Council bounty. $85 bounties in full! 3d Union League Reg't Colonel George P. McLean. / Captain Charles Henry, late Capt. Co. H,

Fourth Union League Regiment. : To be raised under special authority from the War Department, for 3 years or the war. To recruits who have been in service 9 months, a bounty of $402! will be paid--all others receive 110 dollars. The regiment will be under

1st Pa. Chasseurs! Sharpshooters! : Men equipped, and sent to camp soon as mustered in, at Broad and Germantown R.R. This regiment is attached to the Union League Brigade! / Charles Lespes, Colonel, 402 Ranstead Place. T. Ellwood Zell, Lieut. Colonel, 17

To arms! $10 extra bounty! $10 extra bounty! : Our favorite in the field again! Col. George P. McLean, late Col. of the 88th P.V. Recruits wanted for Co. I. For 3 months' duty in the state's service only! Apply at the armory, at Tenth and Noble Streets. /

$35 bounty! Fall in boys and get rid of the draft! : by joining Captain V. Marchal's company of the 1st Penn'a Chasseurs Union League Brigade! Six months service! Charles Lespes, Col. T. Ellwood Zell, Lieut. Col. Company head-quarters, 526 Prune St. / V.

Fall in Fifth Ward : Captain Thos. H. Taylor, late of the 69th P.V. is now organizing a company, at New Market Hall, Second & Pine Sts. for the Union League Brigade! Third Regiment, Colonel George P. McLean, com'dg. late of the 88th P.V. for state defence

Dana Troop! : A troop of cavalry of the above name, composed of the late members of the Anderson Cavalry, and their friends, is now recruiting at 1010 Chestnut Street. A few respectable young men wanted to fill the company. Horses and equipments furnished

To arms! To arms! Fall in, discharged soldiers and join your comrades for the defence of your state : All others wishing to join a company that have served their country, are invited to do so. Apply at the head-quarters, Cornet Hotel, Ninth Street, above

Fall in! Fall in! Last chance for bounty before draft. : $502 bounty $602 $275 cash. Co. F. Co. F. Co. F. 183d Regiment, P.V. Col. Geo. P. McLean. Twenty men wanted to complete the company. Recruits clothed and placed in barracks in the city at once. / Al

Fourth Union League Reg't Col. Geo. P. McLean. Co. E. Co. E. : $400 bounty. $400 Cash on hand on being mustered into service, $60. Enlist at once in this branch of the service, under its able and competent leader, and protect your homes from the invasion

Fourth Union League Reg't Col. Geo. P. McLean. Co. A Co. A : $100 to $402 bounty! Cash in hand on company being mustered in, $40. 3 years' service, or during the war. A few men yet wanted for Co. A Rally, boys, rally! Avoid the draft, and get your bounty!

To arms! To arms! : Recruits wanted to fill up an independent company! To be joined to any regiment the company may determine upon hereafter for service in the war. Bounty, $412 for three years' recruits. Head-quarters, in Independence Square / John Young

Freemen, to the rescue! : Defend your state! Your homes and your property! All able-bodied men are now called upon to enroll themselves and repel the invader from our soil. A few more men wanted to fill Company H, Philad'a Light Guards Col. Geo. P. M'Lean

The enemy is approaching! : I must rely upon the people for the defence of the state! And have called the Militia for that purpose. The term of service will only be while the danger to the state is imminent. Send forward companies as soon as possible. / S

To arms! To arms! : Recruits wanted to fill up independent company, for defence of the city or state. Head-quarters, Jermon & Jones' Mill, Girard Avenue and Vienna Sts.

To arms! To arms! Recruits wanted to fill up an independent company! for state or city defence. : Head quarters, corner of Front and Vine Streets and at the hotel, Second and German Streets. / Capt. Sam'l J. Malone, late 1st Lieutenant of the 16th Virgini

Fourth Regiment Union League! Col. Geo. P. McLean. : Men wanted to fill up Co. C now in camp at Frankford. $100 to $402 bounty. Cash in hand, when company is mustered in, $60 Three years' service, or during the war Men clothed and equipped immediately. /

The Road to peace through Pennsylvania via Washington, as engineered by Southern Rebels and their Democratic allies. : From the Richmond enquirer, (Jeff. Davis' organ,) Sept. 7, 1860 [sic]. The road to peace. ... Men of Pennsylvania! Are you prepared for