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Birds-eye view of property on Alleghany Avenue Philadelphia 25th Ward formerly 19th looking S.E. from Frankford Road.

[Panorama from State House steeple, north]

[Panorama from State House steeple, north] [graphic].

West view. Looking up Chestnut St. towards West Philadelphia.

Panorama of Philadelphia and Centennial Exhibition grounds.

An east prospect of the city of Philadelphia taken by George Heap from the Jersey shore, under the direction of Nicholas Scull surveyor general of the province of Pennsylvania.


Views of Fairmount Park, Philadelphia. Part 1st


Old Philadelphia Views Album

Old Philadelphia views 1861

Microscopic view of Philadelphia.

Gems of Art. Philadelphia.

View of the city of Philadelphia, and its principal buildings.

Panorama Hill, Hestonville, West Philadelphia.


The city of Philadelphia.

Bird's eye view of Philadelphia.

Birds eye view of Philadelphia.

Bird's eye view, Philadelphia.

Photograph Album of Philadelphia and Vicinity

[Scrapbook of prints]

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Back cover

Centennial Exhibition. Philadelphia. MDCCLXXVI [1876]. [graphic].

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Photograph album of Philadelphia and vicinity

The grounds and buildings of the United States Centennial International Exhibition, May 10th to November 10th 1876.

The early settlement & progress of Philadelphia & Pennsylvania.

Treaty Tree.

[Philadelphia. From Girard College]

Centennial pocket album.

Centennial album.

[Miscellaneous prints from the Joe Freedman collection of Philadelphia ephemera] [graphic].

Panorama of Philadelphia from the State House steeple. West.

Panorama of Philadelphia from the State House Steeple. West.