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Battle of Gettysburg 1 envelope

Overseer envelope

Southerner under palmetto tree envelope

Liberty conquering disunion envelope

To Lafayette. We are grateful.

Miners and Sappers envelope

Eagle with Union shield and star border envelope

Camp scene envelope

Cotton picker envelope

Seal of New York City envelope

Thirteen colonies' state seals envelope

To an Envelope poem cover envelope

Camp Barcly envelope

Soldier with bayonets envelope

Battle scene at Mill Spring, Kentucky No. 8 envelope

Battle of Fort Donelson 5 envelope

Victory Sic Semper Tyrannis envelope

Rebel cabinet envelope

Panoramic view of fortifications around Washington, D.C. envelope

Union and Confederate old men envelope

Secesh fever envelope

Massachusetts with Lady Liberty envelope

Game cock envelope

9th Corps, 1st Division envelope

Cornerstones envelope

George Washington profile envelope

Massa George pulling down Union flag envelope

George McClellan and Benjamin Butler envelope

Maryland envelope

Eagle perched on rock envelope

Man on flagpole envelope

Winfield Scott envelope

Newark street scene envelope

Confederate soldier sees his shadow envelope

Camp Seminary envelope

Woman sitting with Union flag, shield and pitchfork envelope

Two Union flags flanking Union industry symbols envelope

Death to traitors envelope

Kansas envelope

Battle of Fort Donelson 1 envelope

Picket Post envelope

Georgia envelope

Woman with sword holding Union flag envelope

Woman sitting with Union shield envelope

"Buffalo regiment" envelope

Skull envelope

Lady Liberty and flying eagle envelope

Eagle with shield, locomotive and ship envelope

Battle at Winchester envelope

Eagle with flag envelope