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Jefferson Davis falling onto devils' pitchforks envelope

Eagle with globe and flag envelope

Smoking soldier envelope

Civil War era patriotic ream wrappers [graphic].

Union mottoes. [graphic].

Maryland increase and multiply envelope

"Cotton, Jeff and contraband" envelope

Young North and South envelope

Lady Liberty and Union soldier stationery package envelope

Jefferson Davis in refrigerator envelope 2

Fifth Corps, First Division envelope

Man reading the paper envelope

Nathaniel Banks with Washington, D.C. envelope

Woman with Union shield envelope

Jefferson Davis cornered envelope

Confederate shield envelope

Woman pointing and holding Union flag envelope

Eagle with Union shield, staff and arrows envelope

Dancing "contraband" envelope

Union man fishing in Secession pond envelope

Elmer Ellsworth with sword and flag envelope

John Bull blinded envelope

Game cock envelope 2

Soldier with Union flag and sword envelope

Soldiers around campfire envelope

Camp Monmouth envelope

Small eagle envelope

Flogging envelope

Raising the flag envelope

E Pluribus Unum seal with Union flags envelope

Civil War era patriotic ream wrappers [graphic].

Fort Monroe envelope

Zouave with Union flag and sword envelope

Two Union flags with shield envelope

Gorilla envelope

Death to the northern invaders envelope

Union flag facing right envelope

I'm just from Dixie's land.

Dis chile's contraban

Uncle Sam collecting his debts envelope

Jefferson Davis walking a tightrope to the Capitol envelope

C.S.A. loan poster envelope

Flag facing right with text envelope

Pennsylvania envelope

"Southern chilvalry" envelope

Luther C. Ladd envelope

"Secession cavalry" envelope

Cotton bales envelope

Fort Monroe envelope 2

Zouave with rifle envelope