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Mr. Train's great speech in England, on the American question.

Satterlee U.S.A. General Hospital, West Philadelphia.

Franklin Book & Job Printing Establishment, : rear of 52 No. Sixth St. Philadelphia. Newspaper, book and plain & fancy job printing. / Wm. S. Young, proprietor. There are now but two parties in this country, the friends and the enemies of the government.

Civil War stationery collection

Rules and regulations Citizens' Volunteer Hospital, : Broad & Washington Streets, Philadelphia. ... / By order of the committee on management of house.

Confederate States of America Ephemera Collection, 1861-1865 (inclusive).

Girard College. Grounds and statue.

The India Rubber and Gutta-Percha Department.

Horticultural Department.

[Gen'l Washington's carriage]

Firemen's Department.

The Great Sanitary Fair, Philadelphia, 1864.

Photograph Dept.

New Jersey Dept.

Fine Art Gallery.

[Specimens album]

Children's Dept.

Union Vase.

Children's Dept.

The glass engine.

The $1,000 baby house.

Arms & relics dept.

[Relics and curiosities] dept. Dr. Kane's boat.

Art Gallery.

Firemen's Department.

[Department of Labor, Income, and Revenue, Union Avenue, Great Central Fair, Philadelphia, 1864]

Fine Art Gallery.

Horticultural Dept.

Sanitary Fair, Engine Department, Phila., June '64.

Horticultural Dept.

[Corn Exchange, Union Avenue, the Great Central Fair, Philadelphia, 1864]

Arms & Trophies, Grand Central Fair.

Large dining room.

[Relics and Curiosities] Dept.

Union Avenue.

[Gent's collars exhibit.] Union Avenue.

Horticultural Department.

[Framed relief carving, Fine Art Gallery, Great Central Fair, Philadelphia, 1864]

Fine Art Gallery.

Fine Art Gallery.

[Dr. Kane's boat, Relics & Curiosities Department, Great Central Fair, Philadelphia, 1864]

John Stevens' first steamboat.

[William Penn Parlor, Great Central Fair, Philadelphia, 1864]

The $1,000 baby house.

The contested sword.

[Sewing machines, stoves, ranges and cast and wrought iron, and hollow ware displays, Great Central Fair, Philadelphia, 1864]

[Howell & Bourke,] Union Avenue.