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What the employees of the Philadelphia Navy Yard have done for the Great Central Fair, : (held in Philadelphia, June, 1864.) / Extra of the Committee on "Labor, Income and Revenue." Special acknowledgement. Office of the Committee on Labor, Income and Rev

Richmond is ours! Words and music by A.J.H. Dganne; music by Mrs. E.A. Parkhurst.

The drummer boy of Shiloh : as sung by the First Tenn. Concert Troupe / arranged for the piano forte by E. Clarke Ilsley.

Lincoln's "guardian angel." [graphic].

Apartments to let. Fort Lafayette. [graphic] / J.H.G.

Metropolitan Fair, April, 1864. : The Executive Committee would call the attention of the public to the photographic studio, Station 77 (3d story, over the Furniture Department), under the management of Messrs. Gurney & Son, who are prepared to make carte

Second and last concert by the Hutchinson Family, at Langstroth's Hall: Germantown, : Saturday evening, January 24th, 1863. All will appear! Asa, Lizzie, Abby, Freddy and little Dennett singing their new songs of patriotism, Union, freedom, &c. ... Admiss

National Sailors' Fair. : An effort is about to be made to establish a home, free to seamen and marines disabled in our naval service. It is proposed to acquire the means of founding such an institution through the instrumentality of a great National Sail

[Hope Fire Company horse-drawn ambulance in front of the company fire station on Sixth Street below Bainbridge Street, Philadelphia]

McClellan Hospital, ward 14.

Union Volunteer Refreshment Saloon working committee.

Wanted! Wanted! Wanted! 1000 substitutes! : To whom the highest cash prize will be given. Apply immediately to Turner, English & Co. substitute and volunteer agents, No. 10 Market St., Camden.

Be it known that [blank] of [blank] entitled to [blank] share in the Bank of Virginia transferable only at the said bank by the said [blank] personally or by [blank] attorney. : Witness the seal of the president directors and company of the Bank of Virgin

A disloyal British "subject" [graphic].

John Bull makes a discovery. [graphic]

Specimen sheet Union, patriotic and humorous designs upon envelopes

Citizens Volunteer Hospital. Corner of Broad St. and Washington Avenue. [graphic] / Drawn & lith. by James Queen, Philada.

Citizens Volunteer Hospital. Corner of Broad St. and Washington Avenue. [graphic] / Drawn & lith. by James Queen, Philada.

Citizens Volunteer Hospital. Corner of Broad St. and Washington Avenue.

Plan of U.S. Military Hospital at Edgewood Chestnut Hill Penna. [graphic] / John McArthur Jr. Archt, No. 209 So. Sixth St. Phia.

Memories of the home of Grandma Lewis Scrapbook

Fort Federal Hill, Baltimore, MD. [graphic].

The Road to peace through Pennsylvania via Washington, as engineered by Southern Rebels and their Democratic allies. : From the Richmond enquirer, (Jeff. Davis' organ,) Sept. 7, 1860 [sic]. The road to peace. ... Men of Pennsylvania! Are you prepared for

[Caricature of Jefferson Davis attired as a Chinese man] [graphic].

1776, Centennial International Exhibition, 1876.

A little plain talk with John Bull. / By Train, Jr. Ha! ha! boy, sayest thou so? Art thou here, old true-penny?

Memories of the home of Grandma Lewis

Mower U. S. A. General Hospital, Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia

Col. M. Corcoran addressing the crowds in front of the Continental Hotel, Phila., August 21, 1862.

Mower General Hospital, Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia.

Men of color in consequence of indisposition, of Fred'k Douglass the meeting for promoting recruiting for 3d Regiment U.S. Colored Troops is postponed until Friday, July 24, 1863.

Men of color willing to enlist in the service of the United States for three years or the war, can present themselves at head-quarters, 1210 Chestnut St. be enrolled and get two dollars enlistment fee and ten dollars bounty.

"Who would be free, themselves must strike the blow!" : Colored men of Burlington Co., your country calls you ...

To men of color : authority has been received to raise a reg't of men of color for 100 days. ... Col. Taggart, late Colonel 12th Regiment Pennsylvania Reserves, will command, and the officers will be the graduates of the Military Board at Washington. $50

Good men wanted : $752 bounty : Under the authority of the War Department, ... Bounty for colored volunteers, $350[.] Volunteers have the choice of any of the old regiments now in the field. J. Davis Rudolph, Recruiting Agent. Headquarters--West Chester..

Columbia's noblest sons [graphic] / Manson Lang, 542 Broadway, New York; Lithog. & printed by Kimmel & Forster 254 &n 256 Canal Str. N.Y.

[Building of the Supervisory Committee for Recruiting Colored Troops, 1210 Chestnut Street, Nov. 1864]


Shadows of the times. [graphic] /. P. Kramer del.

Shadows of the times. [graphic] /. P. Kramer del.

Civil War military campaign and battle maps. [cartographic material].

Don't unchain the tiger! : When the traitors of South Carolina met in Convention in Charleston, and passed their ordinance to abolish the American Union, to crush out the democratic principles of free government in America, ... Workingmen! when any man as

Our relations at home and abroad.

Exeter Hall. The Lion weeps: "Is he not a bird and a brother?" [graphic]

Grand tableau of the future. The little child, Liberty, shall lead them. [graphic]