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George McClellan and William Rosecrans envelope

Runaway feet envelope 2

Eagle with Union shield envelope

Woman sitting with Union flag, shield and eagle envelope

"Innocent cause of war" envelope 2

Eagle with flag, locomotive and ship envelope

Philadelphia with soldier and sailor envelope

Runaway feet envelope

George Washington pointing envelope

Jefferson Davis photographing Washington envelope

Proclamation of Emancipation. By the President of the United States of America. [graphic] / W. Roberts, Del. sc.; C. A. Alvord, Printer.

Virginia in 1776 and 1861 envelope

Mississippi envelope

Horse and Jeff Davis envelope

George McClellan and Benjamin Prentiss envelope

Ornamental border with Union flag and soldiers envelope

Cotton bales envelope 2

"Contraband barricade" envelope

Confederate Massachusetts envelope

Runaway mother and child envelope

Lady Liberty and Native American woman with U.S. Patent Office envelope

Homemade envelope with print on reverse side

I'se just "seceshed" from Ole Massa, Yah, Yah, Yah!

Gunboats on the Mississippi River envelope

Panorama of Washington D.C. with Washington Monument envelope

United States Signal Corps envelope

Soldiers' letter and officers' message blanks envelope

Secession musicians envelope

George Washington on rearing horse envelope

Lincoln alchemist envelope

Camp scene with horse envelope

Sailor and woman with cornucopia envelope

Woman in kitchen envelope

Jefferson Davis hanging from tree envelope

Eagle with eye envelope

Henry A. Wise envelope

Handcuffs envelope

Prince Sauce-pan envelope

Jefferson Davis is circus cage envelope

Angel watching the Union and Confederate "brothers" envelope

Cotton harvest envelope

Battle at Newbern, N.C. envelope

Massachusetts flanked by Union flags envelope

Upside-down Confederate flag envelope

New Hampshire envelope

Slaves with hoes envelope

George McClellan and Lewis Blenker envelope

Ship envelope

Sailor with Union flag, shield and eagle envelope

Shoe shiner envelope