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Elk's Convention, Phila. July 15-21, 1907. "Dutch Disturbers," Kansas City display.

Triumphal Arch. Peace Jubilee. Oct. 1898.

Court of Honor, Peace Jubilee. Oct. 25-28, 1898. Looking north from Locust St. Shows Dundas House cor. Broad & Walnut.

North Broad Street postcards.

South Broad Street postcards.

Deaf & Dumb Asylum. Broad Street

Deaf and Dumb Asylum

Horticultural Hall.

[Horticultural Hall and Academy of Music, South Broad Street, Philadelphia]

The City Hall of Philadelphia, Architecture, Sculpture and History Album

Pennsylvania Institution for the Deaf & Dumb. [graphic] / Drawn on stone by Albert Newsam, a former pupil of the Institution; From a daguerreotype by Collins.

Roman Catholic High School, Philadelphia, Pa.

Southern Manual Training School postcards.

Temple University postcards.

North Philadelphia Station, Philadelphia, Pa.

Boys' Central High School postcards.

The Free Library of Philadelphia, South Philadelphia Branch. 2407-2417 South Broad Street.

School of Industrial Art of Penn. Museum, Philadelphia, Pa.

St. John's College of Philadelphia, Pa.

Widener Memorial Library postcards.

Moore Institute of Art, Science and Industry.

Peck & Hills' Furniture Co., 642 North Broad St. cor. Wallace, Philadelphia, Pa.

[Peace Jubilee, Triumphal Arch and Court of Honor, looking north from Walnut Street.]

[Peace Jubilee, Triumphal Arch and Court of Honor, looking north from Walnut Street.]

Baptist Temple Church and Temple College postcards.

Beth Eden Baptist Church, Broad & Spruce streets, Philadelphia.

Boys' Central High School postcards.

Clover Banquet Room, Bellevue Stratford Hotel, Philadelphia.

Pilgrim Laundry Co., North Philadelphia.

Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Philadelphia.

Hotel Walton, Philadelphia, Pa.

Old Philadelphia Punch Bowl.

Jewish Hospital, York & Tabor Roads, Philadelphia, Pa.

Hotel Lorraine postcards.

Majestic Hotel postcards.

Ritz Carlton Hotel postcards.

Bellevue Stratford postcards.

Hahnemann Hospital and Medical College postcards.

Park Theatre postcards.

Broad St. Theatre, Broad and Spruce Sts., Philadelphia, Pa.

Metropolitan Opera House postcards.

Lyric Theatre, Broad and Cherry Sts., Philadelphia, Pa.

[St. Luke's Methodist Episcopal Church, South Broad and Jackson Streets, Ballinger and Perot, architects and engineers, 1200 Chestnut St., Phila.]

Jewish Synagogue, Philadelphia, Pa.

Tioga Baptist Church, Philadelphia, Rev. Rutger Dox, Pastor.

William Elkins Masonic Orphanage for Girls postcards.

Chambers-Wylie Presby. Church, Broad and Spruce Sts., Phila.

Baptist Temple postcards.

Hotel Stenton postcards.

Punch Bowl, Old Philadelphia.