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Elk's Convention, Phila. July 15-21, 1907. "Dutch Disturbers," Kansas City display.

Deaf and Dumb Asylum

Court of Honor, Peace Jubilee. Oct. 25-28, 1898. Looking north from Locust St. Shows Dundas House cor. Broad & Walnut.

North Broad Street postcards.

Deaf & Dumb Asylum. Broad Street

Triumphal Arch. Peace Jubilee. Oct. 1898.

South Broad Street postcards.

[Horticultural Hall and Academy of Music, South Broad Street, Philadelphia]

Horticultural Hall.

The City Hall of Philadelphia, Architecture, Sculpture and History Album

Horticultural Hall, Phila.

Horticultural Hall.

[Grand Army of the Republic procession, North Broad Street, Philadelphia, September 5-6, 1899]

Corinthian Hall, east, Masonic Temple, Philadelphia, Pa., U.S.A.

The city of brotherly love.

The army of Sir Knight Templars, Broad St., Philadelphia, Pa., U.S.A.

[Ridgway Building, Philadelphia]

[Crowd outside the Evening Telegraph office, Betz Building, South Broad Street, Philadelphia]

The foundation of the Union League House, Phil.

Union League, Broad and Sansom sts.

Union League, Philad[elphi]a.

[Hearse and coffin in Philadelphia]

[Funeral procession for President Lincoln, 1000 block of South Broad Street, Philadelphia, April 22, 1865]

Reading room, Union League, Philad[elphi]a

Union League

Union League House

La Pierre House.

Beth Eden Baptist Church, Broad & Spruce streets, Philadelphia.

Billiard salon, Union League, Philada.

Private dining room, Union League, Philad[elphi]a

Smoking room, Union League, Philadelphia

Office & reception room, Union League, Philada.

Union League club house Ph[iladelphi]a

Union League building

Union League

Masonic Hall, Philada.

Library, Union League, Philad[elphi]a

Restaurant, Union League Philada.

Hahnemann Hospital and Medical College postcards.

Broad St. Theatre, Broad and Spruce Sts., Philadelphia, Pa.

Central High School, Broad and Green Streets.

Horticultural Hall, Broad St.

New Masonic Temple.

Union League house, Philadelphia

Beth Eden Church, Philadelphia.

Interior of Horticultural Hall, Phila.

Union League house

Bird's eye view of Philadelphia.

Union League

La Pierre House.