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To the rescue! Pennsylvania invaded! : A meeting for the purpose of organizing a company of state guards to protect the state from the invasion of rebel hordes, now swarming the banks of the Potomac, will be held at the hotel of Elias Shive, Turk's Head,

County Commissioners' Office, Doylestown, Bucks Co., Pa., February 15, 1865. : This is to certify, that the bearer will be entitled to the sum of three hundred dollars, with six per cent. interest from the date. Payable out of the Bucks County Bounty Fund

Commissioner's Office, Doylestown, Bucks County, Pa., [blank] 186[blank] : I, Joseph S. Ely, Commissioner to superintend the draft for said county, certify that I drafted into the military service of the United States, [blank] of [blank] in said county, w

Cavalry under the president's proclamation. : The undersigned are recruiting a company of Bucks County Cavalry for the defence of the state! With the approval and consent of the governor of the commonwealth, whose aid, Col. Wright, telegraphs that the com

To the rescue! Bucks County expects every man to do his duty. : $152 bounty! And one month's pay in advance. One flag! One country! Don't wait to be drafted, but come at once and enroll in the new Bucks Co. company now forming in Doylestown, to serve for

Troopers attend! A few more men are wanted! : To fill up a cavalry company! Now forming for state service. Apply at once, as the governor demands our immediate presence. A meeting will be held at the court house, on Saturday evening, at 7 o'clock, to take

War meeting Freemen to the rescue! : All persons in favor of a vigorous prosecution of the war against the rebels, will meet in [blank] on [blank] evening, September [blank] 1861, where they will have an opportunity to place their names upon the roll of h

Men wanted! : A few able bodied young men of good character, will be received, if offered immediately, for the battery of light artillery, attached to the Ringgold Regiment, now in camp at Doylestown, under command of Col W.W.H. Davis. / G.W. Durrell, Cap

Rally! Rally! : A few more men wanted for a first-rate company, now forming at Doylestown. Rally to the flag of your country, and avoid a draft! Bounties to this company will be $100 by the government, $50 by the county, and $2 premium, with one month's p

To the rescue! The last war meeting : $152 bounty! A joint meeting of the volunteer companies now being raised by Captains Andress and Kulp, will be held in the court house at Doylestown, Bucks County, Pa, on Wednesday evening, August 20, 1862, at eight o

Patriots arouse. To arms! : All those who are willing to join a new company, now forming at Warrington and Hartsville, for the protection of the state, are requested to meet at Newville, on Thursday afternoon, at four o'clock. A few more men are wanted im

Attention! Heavy artillery : The finest opportunity offered for enlistment Battery L Third Penna. Vols. Colonel Segebarth. This reg't offers extra facilities and unusual opportunities: 1st. It avoids long and fatiguing marches, being solely confined to fo

Volunteers attention! $702 $802 : Only 35 men wanted to fill the quota of Bensalem Township, Bucks County, to which the following bounties will be paid by applying immediately at the Provost Marshal's Office, at Frankford, or at the Barley Sheaff Hotel, 2

Recruits wanted! 104th Pennsylvania Regiment! : Wanted for the Ringgold Regiment, {104th} Pennsylvania Volunteers, a number of good men, pay and rations to commence upon enrollment. Bounties: By the the United States, $100 00 By Bucks County, 50 00 Enroll