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Residence of Joseph H. Shinn, Camden, N.J.

Sanford's new Opera House Race Street, between Second & Third, : Excursion! Free, to the city and back Sanford's complimentary benefit, on Saturday evening, Dec. 17th, 1864 Card.--The directors of the Market Street Ferry Company will, on the above evening

South Ferry Hotel. Kaighn Point, New Jersey. [graphic] : A. Haines / Boerum, s.c.

Camden High School.

End the war! To strike now is to crush the foe! : Men wanted for Co. E., Camden Guards, attached to the Twelfth New Jersey Regiment, Col. Robert C. Johnson. $150 bounty $88 advance. Premium of two dollars will be paid for each accepted recruit. One month'

Jerseymen! To the rescue! : Fifty able-bodied men wanted for the Camden Guards! This company has been accepted, and is now attached to the 12th New Jersey Regiment, Col. Robt. C. Johnson. One hundred dollars bounty. One month's pay is given in advance to

Benjamin Franklin Bridge, Camden approach, Camden, New Jersey.

New York Shipbuilding Corporation, Camden, New Jersey.

[Industrial waterfront along the Delaware River, Camden, New Jersey.]

Van Sciver Corporation, Camden, New Jersey.

Industrial piers on the Delaware River, Camden, New Jersey.

R.C.A.-Victor Talking Machine plant on the Delaware riverfront, Camden, New Jersey.

Cooper's Point, on the Delaware, New Jersey.

SS Manhattan on the Delaware

Delaware River and South Philadelphia

Volunteers wanted! : The Camden regiment, Colonel Higbie, will accept of a few more able-bodied men, to be mustered into service on Saturday next, July 20th, All applicants will report themselves at the Rendezvous, N.W. cor. Fourth and Federal Sts., Camde

Allied Chemical & Dye Corporation, General Chemical Division plant, Camden, New Jersey.

Piers on the Delaware River south of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, South Philadelphia, Philadelphia.

[Delaware River looking north from Dock Street, Philadelphia.]

USS Constitution sailing on the Delaware River, Philadelphia.

Fleet of ships sailing south on the Delaware River, Philadelphia.

Philadelphia, from Camden, - 1850.

Philadelphia in the olden time.

Philadelphia in the olden time.

Recruits wanted for Col. Grubb's regiment, : (late 23d New Jersey Volunteers.) Camp at Beverly, N.J. $515 bounty! All able-bodied men, between the ages of 18 and 45, who have served a period of not less than 9 months, by enlisting in this regiment, shall

Volunteers wanted! : 30 able-bodied men are wanted immediately to complete the muster roll of the Fetters Guards, now accepted for active service by Governor Olden. The state allows $6 to married men, and $4 to single men, per month, in addition to the re

Benjamin Franklin Bridge, Old City Historic District, Philadelphia.

Benjamin Franklin Bridge construction, Old City Historic District, Philadelphia.

View of the city of Philadelphia, and its principal buildings.

Panorama of Philadelphia from the State House steeple. East.

Philadelphia, from the State House steeple, north, east and south.

East view. Looking down Chestnut St. across the Delaware. Camden N.J. in the distance.

The city of Philadelphia.

[Family photograph album of views of Eastern and Central Pennsylvania] [graphic].