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Old Kimberton School, Kimberton, Chester Co. Penna. [graphic].

In meadow N. of bridge over creek between Westtown Station [graphic].

[In meadow N. of bridge over creek between Westtown & Station] [graphic].

E. half of new Westtown building in process of erection. Looking from baseball ground [graphic].

Other half of new building, [Westtown] [graphic].

Boy's gallery, Westtown [graphic].

Collection Room, Westtown. Old building [graphic].

Part of new building in unfinished condition. Front from opp. front door of old building, [Westtown] [graphic].

Group of our party at St. Peters Sta[tion, PA]. Geo[rge], Mary & Will Vaux & Anne Sharpless & Lena Goodwin [graphic].

Main building at Westtown, from girl's end [graphic].

Front of main building at Westtown, from toward girl's end [graphic].

South Valley Hill slate in the Gulf, where the Gulf Road cuts through it. From S[outh] side. [Arthur Jones standing in the road]. [Chester County, Pa.] [graphic].

[South Valley Hill slate in the Gulf, where the Gulf road cuts through it.] Nearer view & from N[orth], [Chester County, Pa.] [graphic].

Uncle Charles Rhoads at first meeting of Old Scholar's Asso[ciation] at Westtown [graphic].

Looking down on new building in progress of erection fr[om] Boy's chamber window, [Westtown] [graphic].

Looking S. fr[om] 2nd story of moved building at new Westtown building [graphic].

[In N.E. corner of boys chamber at Westtown, showing Sam's bed] [graphic].

View in the museum at Westtown [graphic].

[Looking down on new Main building in progress of erection, Westtown] [graphic].

Vista toward farm-house from front steps of Westtown building [graphic].

Vista in front of steps of old Westtown building [graphic].

Two large trees in girl's bounds with two little girls under them, [Westtown] [graphic].

View in girls bounds, Westtown [graphic].

Westtown farmhouse from N[orth] [graphic].

Charles Warner Company factory plant, Cedar Hollow, Pennsylvania.

Knickerbocker Lime Co.

View on French Creek, [Elverson, Pa.], below the falls. With [George] Vaux on banks [graphic].

Old dam on French Creek, [Elverson, Pa.]. Geo[rge] Vaux, Anna Sharpless, Lena Goodwin with cameras [graphic].

French Creek, [Elverson, PA], looking up. A little below the so-called falls [graphic].

Falls of French Creek, [Elverson, PA] [graphic].

Photographs [graphic] / John C. Browne.