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Chestnut Street postcards.

Chestnut Street crowded.

View Chestnut St., Phila

La Roche & Stahl florist shop, 1237 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia

United States Bank Philadelphia. [graphic].

Drexel Institute postcards.

1010 Chestnut St. front. [graphic].

1022 Chestnut Street. [graphic].

The Ledger polka. /

[Independence Hall, south elevation, 520 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.]

Independence Hall postcards.

Clock tower of Independence Hall, Philada.

Independence Hall. [graphic].

Independence Hall. [graphic].

Hotel Pennsylvania postcards.

The Rittenhouse Hotel postcards.

Keith's Chestnut Street Theatre postcards.

Independence Hall postcards.

Carriage repository. Medal awarded at the World's Fair of 1851. G.W. Watson, Chestnut St. above Twelfth, Philadelphia.

[Wm. H. Oakford trade cards]

Allen's Furniture Warehouse, Philadelphia. [graphic].

[Gumpert Bros., cigar manufacturers, 1341 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa.] [graphic].

Lafourcade, Bros. & Irwin [banknote vignette].

[Liberty Bell in the Assembly Room, Independence Hall, 520 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia]

Independence Hall in 1776, Philadelphia. = Unabhängigkeits Halle = Edificio de la Independencia en 1776 = Hotel de L'Independance.

Independence Hall, Philadelphia, 1776.

Interior of Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Pa.

The old Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Pa.

The Liberty Bell, leaving Philadelphia for Boston, June 15th, 1903.

Liberty Bell, State House, Philadelphia.

The Liberty Bell, Phila. Pa.

Independence Hall.

The state house 1778.

Independence Hall, which first proclaimed Freedom, as "government by the people," -- Philadelphia.

Wagner & McGuigan's lithographic establishment for drawing lettering & printing no. 116 Chesnut [sic] St. Philadelphia.

George J. Henkels. City cabinet warerooms, 173 Chesnut [sic] Street, Phila. [graphic].

The old Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Pa., U.S.A.

The old Liberty Bell.

Washington statue--front of Independence Hall.

[The Liberty Bell]

[American Sunday-School Union trade card]

Washington Monument, front of Independence Hall, Philadelphia.

Washington Monument and Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Pa.

Custom House, Philada.

Charles Oakford's model hat store, 158, Chestnut Street Philadelphia. Hats, caps and furs, wholesale and retail.

United States Bank, Chestnut Street Philadelphia.

Custom House.

[James S. Earle & Son, looking glasses, 816 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.]

[Wenderoth, Taylor & Brown Fine Art Gallery]

Willcox & Gibbs' sewing machine salesrooms, no. 720 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia