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A correct view of the City of Philadelphia on the Delaware River as it appeared on 25th of January 1852.

HSP Ba 72 D 584

A view of Point Airy opposite South Street, Phila. [graphic]: Persons visiting this delightful resort during the summer season will find the bar supplied with a variety of suitable refreshments for the season. Every facility is afforded at this place for

Van Brant's [sic] place on the Delaware River [graphic].

A view of Point Airy opposite South Street, Phila.

Penn's tree, with the city & port of Philadelphia, on the river Delaware from Kensington [graphic].

S.E. view of Philadelphia

Microscopic view of Philadelphia.

View of the city of Philadelphia, and its principal buildings.

Panorama of Philadelphia from the State House steeple. East.

Philadelphia, from the State House steeple, north, east and south.

East view of Philadelphia, Pennsylva. and part of Camden, New Jersey.

Gems of Art. Philadelphia.


The city of Philadelphia.

Bird's eye view of Philadelphia.

Birds eye view of Philadelphia.

Bird's eye view, Philadelphia.