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Recruits wanted! To fill Roberts' Heavy Artillery! : The garrison for Fortr's Monroe! The last chance to volunteer before conscription! This is an opportunity which seldom occurs of joining the finest branch of the service. All men enlisting in this regim

Bounty! Bounty!! Bounty!!! : Avoid the draft and get your bounty! Co. B Capt. A. McI. Robertson, late of the artillery reserve, Army of the Potomac. Roberts' Heavy Artillery. For Fortress Monroe. $165 bounty! $165 Government bounty, $25. Government premiu

Only 40 men wanted! : For garrison duty at Fortress Monroe 3d Pa. Artillery, 152d Reg't P.V. Col. Wm. [sic] Roberts comd'g. Bounty $400! / Capt. J.F. [sic] Blake. 2d Lieut. James S. Martin, Jr., recruiting Battery F, No. 329 Chestnut St.

Attention! Drafted men! : Become volunteers to your country's call and get your bounty! Enlist in Roberts' Artillery! For Fortress Monroe. The reasons why. 1st. You become volunteers, and not conscripts of the draft. 2d. You get $100 bounty, $40 on being

A distinguished arrival. [graphic] : Negro soldier - "Hi dar! Show dis ole lady a room - one wid a closet to put dis yar skelle in tum in!"

A distinguished arrival.

The (Fort) Monroe doctrine. [graphic]

Ho! For Fortress Monroe! : Wanted a few more active men for Battery H. Men uniformed and sent to camp at once. Head-quarters 337 Chestnut St. second door below 4th, north side. And 50 North Sixth Street. / John S. Jarden, 1st Lieut. John W. Hamilton 2d, "

1st Pen'a. Regiment of Heavy Artillery, : Col. Angeroth under express orders for Fortress Monroe. Recruits wanted who will be mustered into service at once; encampments, provisions, and pay to commence as soon as mustered in. Comfortable barracks provided

Fortification artillery! 112th. 112th. : Second Pennsylvania Artillery Regiment! A.A. Gibson, U.S. Army, Col. commanding. This fine regiment, 1,500 strong, is doing garrison duty in the substantial fortifications on the beautiful and healthful highlands o

Jeff. Davis in prison. [graphic].

Jeff. Davis in prison.

Patriotic souvenir pies.