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Only 40 men wanted! : For garrison duty at Fortress Monroe 3d Pa. Artillery, 152d Reg't P.V. Col. Wm. [sic] Roberts comd'g. Bounty $400! / Capt. J.F. [sic] Blake. 2d Lieut. James S. Martin, Jr., recruiting Battery F, No. 329 Chestnut St.

A distinguished arrival. [graphic] : Negro soldier - "Hi dar! Show dis ole lady a room - one wid a closet to put dis yar skelle in tum in!"

A distinguished arrival.

The (Fort) Monroe doctrine. [graphic]

Ho! For Fortress Monroe! : Wanted a few more active men for Battery H. Men uniformed and sent to camp at once. Head-quarters 337 Chestnut St. second door below 4th, north side. And 50 North Sixth Street. / John S. Jarden, 1st Lieut. John W. Hamilton 2d, "

Jeff. Davis in prison. [graphic].

Jeff. Davis in prison.

Patriotic souvenir pies.