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[T. E. Chapman, book store and book bindery, 74 North Fourth Street, Philadelphia]

[House and court on Fourth Street above Arch Street, Philadelphia.] [graphic].

An accurate sketch from nature, of the exterior and interior of the house no. 39, Nth. Fourth St. Philadelphia, where the atrocious murder of Mrs. Rademacher was committed on the night of the 23d, March 1848, her wounds, and exact position when discovered

Old Zion's Church, 4th & Cherry Sts., -- 1766 to 1869.

Deutsche Ev: Luth: Zions Kirche. (gegrundt 1766.) = The German Lutheran Zion Church. (founded 1766.)

Centennial anniversary of the Lutheran Church, southeast corner 4th and Cherry streets.

New Lutheran Church, in Fourth Street Philadelphia [graphic] / Designed & Published by W. Birch Enamel Painter 1800.