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Union League, 22d Ward! : Will open their house, Main St., Germantown, on Thursday, May 28th, 1863, at eight o'clock, P.M. Hon. Charles Gilpin, Hon. Morton McMichael, Daniel Dougherty, Esq. Hon. M. Russell Thayer, Hon. Charles Gibbons, Hon. J.C. Knox, and

One grand dash for the Union! : Germantown must be represented. Recruits wanted for Co. D, 3d Pa. Reserves Col. H.G. Sickel. (100 days service.) All bounties guarantied Head-quarters, Union League Room, Germantown / Captain Jno. Stanton, recruiting office

To arms! Awake! Defend your state! : Men wanted to fill Company B Fourth Regiment, Reserve Brigade! Three months' service! All city bounties secured. Arms, clothing and all necessities furnished. Fall in! Recruiting office: Main Street above Price, German

Attention! Company C Germantown Home Guard. : All members are ordered to report at the armory this evening, at 8 o'clock, to organize as a minute men for city defence / By order of M.J. Biddle, Captain. Bayard Butler, First Sergeant. P.S.--The citizens of

Germantown Home Guard attention! : Members of this company, and others, desirous of responding to the call of the authorities, for the purpose of protecting our state and city in the present emergency, will report themselves at the armory of the company,