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[Girard Avenue Bridge monument]

Eagle cliff

Pennsylvania Rail Road Co. connecting bridge at Girard Ave.

Grand leaping feat! : Professor Parsloe, makes his second daring leap! from the Girard Avenue Bridge, a distance of 60 feet, into the River Schuylkill! at half-past 4 o'clock, on Wednesday afternoon, July 31st, 1861.

New west side of Schuylkill

Girard Avenue Bridge postcards.

Entrance to the drive

North from the summer house

River scene from Girard Avenue.

Girard Avenue Bridge

Girard Ave. Bridge from south side of bridge looking to the city

[Entrance to Lansdowne Drive, Philadelphia]

Railroad bridge Girard Ave. looking S.E.

[Tugboat south of Girard Avenue Bridge, Schuylkill River]

[Bird's eye view of the Centennial Exhibition grounds, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia]

[In Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, Pa.]

Girard Avenue and Junc[tion] R.R. Bridge

Girard Avenue Bridge and N.Y.R.R. Bridge, Phila[delphia]

Landsdown [sic] entrance looking south

Girard Bridge & c

Girard Ave. Bridge.

[Girard Avenue Bridge under construction, Schuylkill River, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia]

New Girard Avenue Bridge

[Promontory Rock Tunnel and New York Connecting Railway Bridge, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Bits of nature and some art products in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, Pa.

Philadelphia 1876

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Philadelphia [viewbook]

Philadelphia [viewbook] [graphic].

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Centennial Exhibition and Philadelphia [viewbook] [graphic].



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