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A disloyal British "subject" [graphic].

John Bull makes a discovery. [graphic]

A little plain talk with John Bull. / By Train, Jr. Ha! ha! boy, sayest thou so? Art thou here, old true-penny?

Columbia's noblest sons [graphic] / Manson Lang, 542 Broadway, New York; Lithog. & printed by Kimmel & Forster 254 &n 256 Canal Str. N.Y.

Magna Britannia, her colonies reduc'd. [graphic].

Shadows of the times. [graphic] /. P. Kramer del.

Shadows of the times. [graphic] /. P. Kramer del.

Our relations at home and abroad.

Exeter Hall. The Lion weeps: "Is he not a bird and a brother?" [graphic]

Grand tableau of the future. The little child, Liberty, shall lead them. [graphic]

For the precise period at which this occurred, consult history. [graphic]

The Eagle vindicates the Monroe Doctrine in Mexico. [graphic]

Introduction of Master Swamp Angel: the Lion pockets his Rams. [graphic]

Grand combat between the Eagle and the Wolf. [graphic]

The arming of the Wolf by his faithful squire. [graphic]

Which temporarily astonished even the Gallic Cock. [graphic]

Who responded with warlike vigor when the Lion caved. [graphic]

The Mexican Vulture garroted by the Gallic Cock. [graphic]

On England's muggy shore a surly lion gave a grievous roar! [graphic]

Which he forgets in the embrace of the belligerent Wolf of the C.S.A. [graphic]

Stephens' album drolleries no. 1. [graphic] : Our relations at home and abroad / In oil colors from original designs by H. L. Stephens.