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Old Yew trees planted by Eliz[abeth] Haddon, "Haddon Hall," Haddonfield [NJ]. Bessie in foreground [graphic].

[Old yew trees planted by Elizabeth Haddon, "Haddon Hall," Haddonfield, NJ]. Bess & Mrs. Wood under the trees [graphic].

Old still-house built by Eliz[abeth] Haddon. Mrs. Wood standing at door. [Haddonfield, NJ] [graphic].

Haddon house (Mr. & Mrs. Woods house), Haddonfield, [NJ], front view [graphic].

Old yew trees, Haddon house from field to E., showing old wall & distillery, [Haddonfield, NJ] [graphic].

Old yew trees, Haddon House, [Haddonfield, NJ] [graphic].

Uncle Chas. [Rhoads] house. Front view. Aunt D. & Ellie in porch. [Haddonfield, NJ] [graphic].

Uncle Chas' [Rhoads] house, side view from gate, [Haddonfield, NJ] [graphic].

Knock em down group on Uncle Chas' [Rhoads] porch, Haddonfield, [NJ] [graphic].

Side view of Beulah M. Rhoads' home, Haddonfield, [NJ] [graphic].

Sarah & Rebecca Nicholsons from B[eulah] M. R[hoads]'s [graphic].

Elliston & Marriott at Hopkins Pond, Haddonfield, [NJ] [graphic].

Elliston & Marriott at Hopkins Pond, Haddonfield, [NJ] [graphic].

Marriott at Hopkins Pond, Haddonfield, [NJ] [graphic].

[Woman beneath pine tree], Haddonfield, [NJ] [graphic].

[Beulah Sansom Morris and a woman in a garden], Haddonfield, [NJ] [graphic].

[Beulah Sansom Morris on a garden path], Haddonfield, [NJ] [graphic].

Last chance! To arms! To arms! Now is the time to enlist! : If you wait until the first of September, when the order for drafting will be surely enforced! Married men will lose the state bounty of $6 per month, & single men that of $2. The 1st nine months