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Curiously shaped elm tree up [Mana]squan R[iver, NJ]. G[ertrude] Mellor on trunk [graphic].

Sharpie Virginia [sailboat] on [Mana]squan River, [Manasquan, NJ] [graphic].

Sail-boat near carriage bridge, [Mana]squan R[iver], [NJ] [graphic].

Sanford Bell & "Gertie" in race on [Mana]squan R[iver], [Manasquan, NJ] [graphic].

Royal Star, bow on from dock, [Manasquan River, NJ] [graphic].

Royal Star, side view, [Manasquan River, NJ] [graphic].

Elm trees up [Mana]squan River, [NJ] [graphic].

Ed Stawbridge & I. "Two Tramps" [near well in woods, Manasquan, NJ] [graphic].

104er (Gertrude Mellor) [near well in woods, Manasquan, NJ] [graphic].

129er (Pattie Mellor) near well in woods. [Manasquan, NJ] [graphic].

Italian bark "Civitas Canaria" ashore at Manasquan Inlet. From beach, [NJ] [graphic].

Interior of [Mana]squan meeting house, showing front door & S.W. cor[ner], [Manasquan, NJ] [graphic].

[Italian] Bark ["Civitas Canaria"]. Geo[rge] & girls in foregr[oun]d. [Manasquan Inlet, NJ] [graphic].

Little Clarry Marsh sailing the "Mary," stern view. [Manasquan, NJ] [graphic].

Music Player at Jersey Wash, [Mana]squan Beach [graphic].

Mischief & other boats in race on [Mana]squan R[iver], [Manasquan, NJ] [graphic].

[Manasquan] Meeting-house from graveyard, rear, [Manasquan, NJ] [graphic].

[Mana]squan meeting H[ouse] from down road toward R[ail] R[oad], [Manasquan, NJ] [graphic].

[Manasquan] Meeting house & sheds from across road, [Manasquan, NJ] [graphic].

[Manasquan] Meeting house from W. thro[ugh] trees, [Manasquan, NJ] [graphic].