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New York, August 18th, 1862. : Attention. Notice is hereby given that a book for registering the names of young men, their residences, and references, will be opened this day, and will remain open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily at the Cooper Institute, Room

$192! Extra bounty! $192! Fill up the old regiments! : Privates wanted! Blacksmiths and buglers wanted!! Vacancies for sergeants and corporals. $192 cash in advance and $75 when discharged from the service will be paid to active, able-bodied men enlisting

Cavalry Col. Andrew T. McReynolds, commander. : A few suitable men wanted to be mustered in immediately, horses and equipments furnished They will be sent into camp and taken care of as soon as enrolled.

Harris Light Cavalry : now in a beautiful camp at Scarsdale, near New Rochelle, New York. Recruits will be received at No. 648 Broadway, the head-quarters, New York City. The non commissioned officers, 6 sergeants and 8 corporals to each company, will be

$129 bounty paid as soon as sworn in. : Recruits wanted for the 12th Regiment, N.Y. Vols. Now serving in General Butterfield's brigade, Gen. Porter's 5th Army Corps, the crack corps of the army. One month's pay in advance $25 United States bounty, $50.00

Gallatin Rifles Col. Theo. Lichtenhein. : Raised by order of the Secretary of War Volunteers wanted for this first class regiment, which will leave for the seat of war in a very short time. Pay and rations from the time of enlistment. Head-quarters, 24 No

Extra bounty! : Families of recruits provided for. By the liberal contribution of the Grocers' Committee, the Fifth Metropolitan Guard Col. T.W. Parmele, is enabled to offer an extra cash bounty of $10 for each recruit in addition to other bounties. The f

Recruits wanted Phoenix Regiment Corcoran Zouaves! : Fourth Reg't Empire Brigade James C. Burke, Col. M.D. Smith, Lieut-Col. $60 cash in hand! Arise, young men, and come forward to your country's call, and to the support of your brethren now in the field.

Sons of Erin fight by each other's side! : 3d Irish Volunteers This fine regiment is nearly full and only requires a few more good Irishmen to complete Company I. Apply at the tent in the park, / to Capt. Welply, Lieuts. L.M. Ahearn, D. M'Carthy,

The meeting of the Friends. City Hall Park. [graphic]

Metropolitan Fair, April, 1864. : The Executive Committee would call the attention of the public to the photographic studio, Station 77 (3d story, over the Furniture Department), under the management of Messrs. Gurney & Son, who are prepared to make carte

Don't unchain the tiger! : When the traitors of South Carolina met in Convention in Charleston, and passed their ordinance to abolish the American Union, to crush out the democratic principles of free government in America, ... Workingmen! when any man as