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Cavalry recruits wanted! For the defence of our good old state. : Able-bodied men between the ages of 18 and 50, who wish to serve in a regiment with officers who have seen active service in the field, and commanded by Colonel John H. Gardiner late Major

Avoid the draft! : Connect yourself immediately with the Keystone Artillery! For state defence, in response to the governor's proclamation. Recruits wanted at the city arsenal, Race Street below Broad, and at Independence Hall. Do not delay, come at once,

Recruits wanted for the Keystone Artillery for temporary service, in the defence of your state. : Head-quarters 808 Filbert Street.

Rally for the Keystone State! : To arms To arms Now is your chance to avoid the draft! 20 men wanted! To fill a company now forming for state defence, under the command of experienced officers. / Capt. A. McCormick. 1st Lieut. Luke Shearer. 2d Lieut. J. K

The enemy is approaching! : I must rely upon the people for the defence of the state! And have called the Militia for that purpose. The term of service will only be while the danger to the state is imminent. Send forward companies as soon as possible. / S

To arms! To arms! : Recruits wanted to fill up independent company, for defence of the city or state. Head-quarters, Jermon & Jones' Mill, Girard Avenue and Vienna Sts.

To arms! To arms! Recruits wanted to fill up an independent company! for state or city defence. : Head quarters, corner of Front and Vine Streets and at the hotel, Second and German Streets. / Capt. Sam'l J. Malone, late 1st Lieutenant of the 16th Virgini