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Defend the state! $60 bounty $60 bounty : Headquarters 1st Reg't Infantry, P.H.G. No. 7 State House Row. This regiment is recruiting for 3 months! Under the call of the governor, to defend the state of Penn'a. Commanders of companies will report daily at

Rally! Rally! Rally! Head-quarters, 23d Ward Troop! : July [blank] 1863. Attention! Twenty-third Ward Troop, will report themselves at [blank] o'clock, this day, in citizens' dress, mounted for parade and drill. / By command of Capt. William C. Murphy, re

23d Ward Troop attention! : The troop will meet for drill, mounted, at 4 o'clock, p.m., on [blank] the [blank] of [blank] at the head quarters, Jolly Post Hotel A full attendance is requested, as business of importance will be laid before the troop. / By

To arms! $10 extra bounty! $10 extra bounty! : Recruits wanted for an independent company of infantry! For 3 months' duty in the city's service only! Apply at the armory, No. 12 North Fourth Street. / Capt. P. Wagner.

General order no. 22. : The public exigency requires that there should be a large and immediate increase of the military force. Captains of companies will forthwith take the necessary measures to fill their respective commands to the required number of on

To arms! To arms! Three months' service. : Young men's comp'y for city defence, from 17th & 19th wards. All bounties guarantied. Clothing, pay and rations same as volunteers. / By order of Robert John Craig, Capt. 1st Lieut. John A. Buchanan. 2d Lieut. Pe

Attention! Company C Germantown Home Guard. : All members are ordered to report at the armory this evening, at 8 o'clock, to organize as a minute men for city defence / By order of M.J. Biddle, Captain. Bayard Butler, First Sergeant. P.S.--The citizens of

Germantown Home Guard attention! : Members of this company, and others, desirous of responding to the call of the authorities, for the purpose of protecting our state and city in the present emergency, will report themselves at the armory of the company,

To arms! To arms! : Recruits wanted to fill up independent company, for defence of the city or state. Head-quarters, Jermon & Jones' Mill, Girard Avenue and Vienna Sts.

To arms! To arms! Recruits wanted to fill up an independent company! for state or city defence. : Head quarters, corner of Front and Vine Streets and at the hotel, Second and German Streets. / Capt. Sam'l J. Malone, late 1st Lieutenant of the 16th Virgini