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First Regiment (Grays) Reserve Brigade. Company F. : Philadelphia, [blank] 186[blank] The company will assemble at the armory, on [blank] at [blank] for parade in [blank] Punctual attendance is required. / By order of Jos. N. Peirsol, Captain. Chas. H. Fe

Corn Exchange Regiment. : $160 bounty Young, active, able-bodied men wanted at once to fill the Corn Exchange Regiment. Pay, rations and uniform from the day of enrollment. $10 extra bounty paid to each recruit as soon as he is accepted. / Apply to Captai

Recruits wanted for Co. F Curtin Light Guard Regiment, P.V. : Col. H.J. Stainrook. Organized under the state and accepted by the federal government. Recruits will be mustered into service, and pay and rations commence immediately. Well drilled men who can

Fall in! March to defend your state! : Recruits are wanted for Company C, Second Regiment, Reserve Brigade! Arms and accoutrements ready. Armory, Board of Trade Building, 505 Chestnut St., 3d story.

Men of the 15th Ward avoid the draft! : The 5th of September is coming! Company "C" 6th Union League Regiment! Colonel H.G. Sickel, commanding, for one year. ... Total for one year's service, $742 $483 cash down. Headquarters, Eighteenth and Green Streets

Union tent of the Young Men's Christian Association, : Broad & Green Streets. Services every evening, except Saturday, commencing at 8 o'clock, also on Sunday, at 4 o'clock P.M.

Volunteers! : Wanted, for Company K, 24th Regiment, at the armory, 21st and Market Street, / Andrew McManus, Capt.

22d Regiment! : Wanted 50 men, to fill up Company G, attached to Col. Morehead's 22d Regiment, to be mustered in as soon as full. Head quarters cor. of Broad St. & Ridge Avenue. / Lieut. Arrison, recruiting officer.

Co. G. Curtin Light Guard Regiment P.V. : Col. H.J. Stainrook. Accepted by the federal & state governments. Recruits wanted who will be mustered into service at once; encampments, provisions and pay to commence as soon as mustered in. Comfortable barracks

Philad'a Guards three months. Recruits wanted! : All the city bounties secured. Arms, clothing, and all necessities furnished. Fall in Recruiting office, 516 South Fourth St. / Capt. Samuel Davies.

Do not forget to go and hear J.E. Murdoch's great patriotic address! : For the benefit of the sick & wounded soldiers and their families, Thursday eve'ng, Aug. 13 at the Academy of Music!

Volunteers attention. : $525 bounty for one year's service only. $458 cash bounty $458 Largest bounty yet offered. "Rally around the flag boys" and avoid the draft / Call on us at our office, T.W. Wilson & Co. 605 Sansom Street. P.S.----Men paid as soon a

Volunteers wanted for Company F : to be attached to the Thomas A. Scott Regiment Col. Conroy, commanding. To be mustered in and proceed to camp at once. Rendezvous Sixth and Minor Streets and 21st and Market Streets / John T. O'Brien, Capt. Wm. H. Conroy,

$100. Bounty. Recruits wanted! For the regular army : Term of service 3 years only. Apply at 118 S. Second St / Lieut. C.H. Peirce, recruiting officer.

300 recruits wanted immediately for one year's service : The highest local bounty cash in hand. $100 government bounty and three months' pay in advance. / Harris & Co., No. 533 Chestnut Street 3d story.

Any man, whether citizen or soldier, bringing to 419 Walnut St., a new recruit, will receive $15--for a veteran $25.

Attention! 10 more men wanted : to fill Company D, Jefferson Guards, attached to Col. Conroy's regiment, which will go into camp in a few days. Men will be fed and quartered at our head quarters, 2130 Market St. / John Moore, Captain.

Recruits wanted for the independent company Corn Exchange Guard! : For the defence of the state! Head-quarters: Corn Exchange, 2d St. above Walnut / Capt. B. Lloyd James.

$50 bounty! Gray Reserve Reg't Recruits wanted for "Co. F" 100 days' service! : Apply at once, at Armory, Broad St. bel. Race. Captain Kennedy.

Recruits wanted! : Co. H, Second Regiment Infantry of the line, Col. Charles P. Dare, to go to Washington for a limited period. Apply at N.E. cor. of Broad and Arch fourth story. Open at all hours. / Wm. Penrose, Capt. Co. H.

Volunteers wanted for Dallas Guards, : at the Old Church, Crown St. above Race This company is connected with Col. Conroy's regiment, and will got into camp immediately. The men will be fed and quartered at our head quarters until mustered into service. /

$[blank] Philadelphia, [blank] 1862. Samuel L. Ward, 811 Market Street, treasurer of the Corn Exchange Regiment Fund, : pay to the order of [blank] [blank] /100 dollars. Attest, [blank] [blank] Chairman, [blank] Secretary, of the executive committee.

Substitutes and volunteers wanted : Largest bounty paid in cash. Men wanted for Army and Navy. / Persons supplied with substitutes by calling on Joseph R. Folwell, N.W. cor. Brown and Lawrence Streets, 12th Ward.

Recruits wanted for Capt. J.W. Hofmann's late Captain commanding Company E, Col. Dare's 23d Regiment, Company, Rendezvous, 19th and South Sts.