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The "Bounty," should it be increased? : Will be the subject before the Providence Eclectic Conference at Liberty Hall 55 Weybosset St. next to the arcade, on Sunday 24th, at 10 1/2 a.m. Ladies and gentlemen are respectfully invited to take part in the con

Seventh Regiment Rhode Island Volunteers! $237 bounty : It will be seen that the City Council of the city of Providence, appropriated a sum not exceeding $60,000, to promote enlistments, to be paid to volunteers at the rate of one hundred dollars per man

$115 bounty Good men wanted for the Second Regiment Rhode Island Cavalry! : Under the command of Lt. Col. A.W. Corliss, which has been ordered to join Maj. Gen. Banks' expedition Men who enlist in this regiment will receive 40 dollars cash in hand! on bei

Attention troopers! To horse and off for the war again! : 80 young and active men wanted for a troop of horse for the Second R.I. Cavalry! This is a dashing and pleasant service, and young men will have a chance to become good horsemen. Bounty 402 dollars

Cavalrymen wanted! : To form a new battalion, under command of Major A.W. Corliss. Now is the time to join a crack battalion for the gallant Gen. Burnside's division! 400 dollars bounty! $325 before leaving the state! Families provided for by the state! E

$400 bounty State aid to men with families, 4 dollars per week! : Good men wanted immediately for the 2d Regiment R.I. Cavalry under the command of Major A.W. Corliss, which has been ordered to join Major General Banks' expedition! Men who enlist in this

Hurrah for Texas! The land of milk and honey : The 1st Battalion, 2d Regiment R.I. Cavalry, under command of Major A.W. Corliss, has been ordered to join the expedition of General N.P. Banks, destined for Texas. Now is the time to join this crack regiment

Second Regiment of Rhode Island Cavalry! : The dashing young men of Rhode Island have long been desiring to enter this branch of the service. Then up and away! With Major Corliss for our leader, and Harper's Ferry our rallying cry, we will again charge th

Men wanted! For the U.S. Frigate Sabine! Now at New London. : Those who desire to enter the Navy may apply at any time of the day at No. 2 Market Square, up stairs, third story, Providence. Where officers are constantiy [sic] in attendance to ship for the