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A rare chance Recruits wanted for the Second Regiment Irish Brigade, : Col. Robt. E. Patterson. Men equipped when mustered in. Pay commences immediately! Rations and comfortable quarters provided. Apply at the recruiting stations, No. 1215 Market Street,

Irish Brigade Second Regiment! Col. Robt. Emmett Patterson, commanding. : Recruits wanted for the Hibernia Greens, Co. B. Pay and rations to commence on signing the roll. Uniforms and comfortable quarters provided. This regiment is accepted by the governo

To arms! To arms! Down with the rebellion! : Recruits wanted! Bounty, $85 cash will be paid to each man who musters into Colonel Robert E. Patterson's 115th Regim't, P.V. Apply at recruiting office, 230 South Fifth St. or, Tent 115, Camp Independence / Li

Gen. Thos. Francis Meagher's body guard! The rough riders : Wanted, 50 men to join this crack company, attached to the Irish Dragoons, Col. J.H. [sic] Gallagher in camp at Frankford. The brigade has 4,000 brave and loyal Irishmen in the field in Virginia,

Recruits wanted Phoenix Regiment Corcoran Zouaves! : Fourth Reg't Empire Brigade James C. Burke, Col. M.D. Smith, Lieut-Col. $60 cash in hand! Arise, young men, and come forward to your country's call, and to the support of your brethren now in the field.

Sons of Erin fight by each other's side! : 3d Irish Volunteers This fine regiment is nearly full and only requires a few more good Irishmen to complete Company I. Apply at the tent in the park, / to Capt. Welply, Lieuts. L.M. Ahearn, D. M'Carthy,

144th 144th Brian Boru United Irish Legion : or 144th Regiment, P.V., of Philadelphia, have been accepted by the Secretary of War and Governor Curtin, to be attached to Gen. Corcoran's brigade. Government and city bounty secured U.S. bounty, $100; city bo