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Plowing and plodding at the World's Fair.

Main Building, S.E.

Delaware section, G. & S. building.

Industrial parade, Constitution Centennial, Phila., Pa. 1887.

Centennial Exposition. Machinery Hall. [graphic].

Memorial Hall. [graphic] / A.H.

Horticultural Hall. [graphic] / A.H.

Centennial Exposition. Main Building. [graphic] / A.H.

Shoe & Leather Building. International Exhibition, 1876. Fairmount Park Philadelphia.

In remembrance of the one hundredth anniversary of the independence of the United States.

Devlin & Co.'s Centennial souvenir. 1776-1876.

In commemoration of the centennial anniversary of our nation's birth.

[In commemoration of the centennial anniversary of our nation's birth.]

Thos. N. Miller, fine cabinet ware & upholstery, 1005 Arch Street, Philadelphia.

[View of large ship with sailors on deck, possibly during the Constitution Centennial celebration, 1887] [graphic].

The "Dolphin" in the Delaware, from shore, [Constitutional Centennial Celebration, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Group of sailors on the "Galina" with a bear and a goat, [Constitutional Centennial Celebration, Philadelphia] [graphic.]

Gun deck of "Galina", aft from bridge, [Constitutional Centennial Celebration, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Agricultural Hall. [graphic].

In commemoration of the hundredth anniversary of American independence

2nd. Regt. Penna. National guard, [Constitutional Centennial Celebration, Philadelphia] [graphic].

U.S.S. Atlanta in Delaware River Constitutional [Centennial] Celebration, [Philadelphia] [graphic].

U.S. Despatch boat "Dolphin" in the Delaware, [Constitutional Centennial Celebration, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Troops, don't know what they were, [Constitutional Centennial Celebration, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Maryland militia in military parade. Constitutional Centennial Celebration. [Philadelphia] [graphic].

Philip Frey & Co.'s Centennial Exhibition Souvenir Viewbook

Art Gallery.

Washington's statue--Philadelphia.

Centennial Exhibition Philadelphia Album

International Exhibition. Fairmount Park, Philadelphia. 1876.

Philadelphia lawn mowers at Horticultural Hall, Fairmount Park.

Terra cotta ware, Portugese [sic] sec.

U.S. Chemical Dep't. Main Building.

[Main Building from southwest]

Victoria Court, Australian Sec. M.B.

Women's Pavilion and Gov't B.

Medical Department Building.

Porcelain ware, Japanese Court.

Pennsylvania Day. 1876.

Centennial opening - the orators. 1876.

Memorial Hall.

[James Green and Nephew display]

[New Hampshire State Building, 1876]

["Old Abe," Wisconsin eagle, 1876]

[Janes & Kirtland fountain, Agricultural Hall nave, 1876]

Machinery Hall, S. Avenue looking east.

The American Volunteer.

Horticultural Hall.

Centennial grounds looking east.