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Civil War era paper soldiers collection. [graphic].

Zouave attacking Confederate soldier woodcut

Civil War Paper Soldiers Collection

Bruce's New-York Type-foundry, 13 Chambers st., New York [specimen sheet]

Officer with telescope woodcut

Mounted cavalry soldier woodcut

Marines woodcut

Regimental parade woodcut

Union soldier charging forward in battle woodcut

Soldiers standing at attention woodcut

Soldiers marching woodcut

Four mounted officers woodcut

Bruce's New-York Type-foundry, 13 Chambers st., New York [specimen sheet]

Bann[er of] the sea. National song and chorus. [graphic].

Civil War scrapbook of portraits. [graphic].

Joseph Hooker [graphic].

Semmes motto "I am here" [graphic].

[Comic scene showing a Confederate officer fleeing from a U.S. cannonball] [graphic].

Hawkins Zouaves 9th Regt. [graphic] / Gurney & Son, photo. N.Y.

New York Light Guard [graphic] / Gurney & Son, photo. N.Y.

Cabinet series - No. 5. "Bombastes furioso." [graphic].

"One flag. One country. Zwei lager." [graphic] : Gurney & Son, photo. N.Y.

Mason's challenge blacking. James S. Mason & Co., nos. 138 & 140 North Front Street, Philadelphia.

Brig. Gen. Edw. A. Wild. [graphic] / Engd. by A. H. Ritchie.

Encampment [at Richmond]

Encampment [at Richmond]

Maj. Gen. Cassius M. Clay

Maj. Gen. Benj. F. Butler

Benj. F. Butler [graphic].

Benjamin F. Butler

Maj. Gen. Benj[amin] F. Butler

Major General B.F. Butler, U.S.A.

Benj. F. Butler

Benj. F. Butler

Thomas Wentworth Higginson

[Benjamin F. Butler]

In defence [sic] of the Union and the Constitution. [certificate]

Yankee volunteers marching into Dixie. "Yankee Doodle keep it up, Yankee Doodle Dandy." [graphic] / J.H. Bufford's Lith, Boston.

Philadelphia Zouave Corps.

Camp Brandywine, Third Regt. R. Brigade [graphic] / C. Baum del.

Camp Vermont, Va. 4th Dele. Infy. [graphic] : Col. A.H. Grimshaw. Comd. 3rd Brigade. Lt. Col. C. Carroll Tevis. Major C.C. Lammot. Adjt. W.H. Cloward Q. Master. John F. Toner.

View of Camp Gallegher [sic] 13th Pennsylvania Cavalry, 2d Battalion. near Falls of Schuylkill. [graphic].

Soldiers Rest, Alexandria, Va. [graphic].

Camp Meridian Hill 7th Regt. N. Jersey vols. [graphic] : Col. Revere.

Camp Morris, 138th Regt. N.Y. Vols, Col. [graphic] : Col. Joseph Welling, commdg.

Camp near Ft. Lyon, Va., 26th N.Y.V., Colonel Wm. H. Christian. [graphic].

Camp Pomroy, 111th Regiment, New York [graphic] : Col. J. Segoine commdg.

Camp of Second Mass. Regt., [graphic] : Col. George H.J. Gordon, commanding.

Camp of the 131st Regt. Pa. Vols. [graphic] : P.H. Allbach, Col. Lieut., Col. Wm. B. Shaut, Ad. Col.

Camp of 104th Penna. Vol.'s Morris Island, S.C. [graphic] / Hoffman delt.