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"Have you seen anything of a Merrimac about here?" [graphic] / Morse.

Terrific combat between the "Monitor" 2 Guns & "Merrimac" 11 Guns in Hampton Roads March 9 1862. In which the little "Monitor" whipped the "Merrimac" and the whole "school" of rebel steamers [graphic].

The Union iron clad Monitor "Montauk." Destroying the rebel steamship "Nashville," in the Ogeeche River, near Savannah Ga. _. Febry. 27, 1863. [graphic].

Destruction of the rebel ram "Arkansas"--by the United States gunboat "Essex," on the Mississippi River, near Baton Rouge, August 4th, 1862. [graphic].

Victorious bombardment of Port Royal, S.C. Nov. 7th, 1861 by the United States fleet, under command of Commodore Dupont [graphic].

The bombardment and capture of Fort Hindman, Arkansas Post, Ark. Jany 11th 1863. [graphic] : By the gun-boats, commanded by Rear Admiral D.D. Porter, and the Union troops under Maj. Genl. McClernand; the number of prisoners taken was 7000 being more than

The great fight at Charleston, S.C., April 7th, 1863 [graphic] : Between 9 United States "Iron-Clads," under the command of Admiral Dupont; and Forts Sumter, Moultrie, and the Cummings Point Batteries in possession of the rebels.

Bombardment & capture of the forts at Hatteras Inlet, N.C. By the U.S. fleet under Commander Stringham and the forces under Genl. Butler, Aug. 27th 1861. [graphic].

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